My servants moved to either side of the huge stone block on which I lay. Tor's face showed immense eagerness to enjoy his Mistress's pleasures, and another part of him was evidently both immense and eager, too. His loincloth bulged in a way which suggested the leather was about to burst open at any moment. I caught his eye, then glanced down. He grinned and then swept off the constraining garment and cast it aside exuberantly. He was, as always, magnificently hard.

Jasmine's haughty demeanor fooled nobody, at least, not in this time and place; she was willing and ready to please me I willed it. She too eyed Tor's proud display for a long moment before turning her dark eyes libidinously on me.

I cupped my breasts, releasing them from the constraints of my lacy black bra and gestured to Jasmine by simply raising my chin, an action which made my nipples harden. She bent forward and sucked on my nipples obediently, causing me to tense and arch my back against the roughness of the stone table.

I was by now desperate for more excitement, more pleasure. I lifted Jasmine's chin with one hand; she smiled, then kissed me on the lips, the taste of my own most intimate juices in her mouth, as always, startling me with their piquancy. Then she slid her mouth down my body, brushing my throat, my breasts, my belly, before coming to rest on those oh-so-wet lips between my thighs.

I spread my legs wide, spreading my ankles wide so as to be able to thrust my pussy lips, my clit onto her mouth. I needed that most sensitive spot to be stimulated in order to come - this is how I always brought myself off in the privacy of my own room - and Jasmine had somehow become an expert in divining exactly what I needed.

Tor was watching us both intently, the excitement in his blood plainly visible in the fire in his eye and the throbbing of his cock. He had moved to stand close by the altar, knowing my impending need. I reached out to take Tor's mighty member in my hand and guide it to my lips. With his cock in my mouth and her lips on my clit, I experienced what would certainly be only my first orgasm of the afternoon. I cried aloud, a long scream that echoed around the cavern and once again stirred the host of bats into flight.

Breathing hard, I nodded to Jasmine and glanced at Tor. I knew she liked to be filled, fucked hard and deep, and Tor's length and girth would certainly be to her liking. At my instruction, she bent forward over my body, her breasts pressed against mine, while Tor took her from behind. I held her close while Tor pounded at her, feeling her tensions grow in the tautness of her muscles and the tension in her belly. Finally, she came, bucking and writhing in exquisite pleasure and satisfaction.

Afterwards, Tor's cock slid out and pressed stiffly against my opening, the pulsing member still wet from Jasmine's orgasmic moisture. It was so very tempting to let him slide inside me, to fill be, to let him come inside me. Yet I knew I must not, could not; I would have to remain what my family would regard as a virgin for many years yet.

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