You are led to the center of the large room. The crowd parts aside and you see a doctor's examining table there. You now know what will be happening to you. Sure enough, you are placed on the table with your hands fastened to the head of the table and your legs spread wide apart.

You feel cool fingers pulling open the lips of your pussy and rubbing your juices into your clit. You feel the cool feeling of Vaseline as a lubricated finger makes its way up into your ass. One woman on either side of you sucks a nipple each. You cannot help the moan that escapes your lips. As your nipples become hard, the women stop and reattach the nipple clips to them. The finger in your ass is withdrawn and replaced by a small vibrating butt plug.

The woman between your legs stops and moves aside. A man takes her place and immediately begins pumping into you. Despite your bonds, your body strains upward as you try for the deepest penetration possible. The man comes, pumping his semen deep into your body. He withdraws and another takes his place. This one is slightly larger than the first and stretches you as he fills you up.

The women at your sides begin toying with the nipple clips and all of a sudden you begin coming. The man continues to fuck you as you abandon all your inhibitions. Your body is super-sensitive and your continue your orgasm after the man has withdrawn from you. Finally, it is over. The vibrating dildo is pulled gently from your ass. You are left tied up however and you lay there passively. There is a sheen of sweat across you entire body. The party continues and a few of the guests touch you as they walk by.

One couple you notice in particular. She is perhaps 18 or 19 years old. She is wearing a white party dress and her face is the picture of innocence. It is her boyfriend who instructs her to touch your breasts and nipples. You see her tremble as she does so. The boyfriend then tells her to push a finger into your shaven pussy. The girl looks afraid and the boy must tell her again before you feel her finger move tentatively into you.

"One day it will be you tied here," he tells her. "You will have a shaved pussy and everyone will be looking at and touching you and you'll be helpless to prevent it. Would you like that?"

"Yes," whispers the girl.

As you lie there, you find the thought of that strangely exciting. Perhaps you will get the chance to see someone else trained before you one day. Soon the women come to take you back to the room where you undressed. You are cleaned up and gently massaged and your body restored.

The women leave you sitting on an ottoman in front of a ceiling to floor mirror. In the mirror, you see the door open behind you and I come in. Standing behind you I reach down and cup your breasts in my hands. You look in the mirror at the two of us and without my asking, open your legs to expose yourself to me. I smile at the sight. You look at yourself in the mirror and you know you will never be the same.

Part 2