Susan was a little apprehensive about allowing the thing up her cunt. She had put things up there before, but she had always been in control. But her fear subsided as her friend reassured her, "It's okay. You'll feel great when it’s inside you."

With that, Heather removed the dildo from inside her and turned it around, placing the head that had been in her cunt, now slippery wet, over the opening to her friend’s hole. The lubricant on the head of the plastic dick caused it to pop in with a minimum of resistance. Susan lay on her back with her legs spread obscenely, her knees resting against the bidding little mounds on her chest as Heather worked the cock in and out of her to get he adjusted to it. When she felt that it was properly in and not going to be painful for Susan, she positioned herself between Susan's spread legs. Once again she pulled down the front of the jockey shorts she was wearing and expertly inserted the other half of the dildo in her own cunt.

Slightly she pumped her hips, allowing the dick to sink first into her hole and then Susan's. Susan was still spread with her hands behind her knees, holding herself open, afraid to resist in the least. Soon both girls were pumping their hips in opposite rhythms until the cock was completely swallowed between their two cunts. Their pussies were rubbing together as Heather humped Susan, continuing the role of the boy. Susan, now engulfed in lustful abandon, wrapped her legs tightly around Heather, digging her heels into her friends pumping ass.

"Fuck me!" Susan cried to her lover, "Bury that cock of yours in me all the way!"

As Heather pumped and her cunt tightened, Susan moaned. Heather pushed the slippery dildo all the way into Susan's cunt. As Susan pumped back, Heather could feel the thing thrust against the back of her own hole. The girls had the dick so deeply buried into them selves that their clits were rubbing together and it didn't take long until both girls shuddered into ecstasy, juices flowing from their cunts and down the crack of Susan's ass.

The girls collapsed in exhaustion, the slippery toy now glistening as it laid cast aside on the bed. They kissed each other passionately, feeling the kind of devotion that only one young girl can feel for another, having traded their youthful innocence for passion.

Part 2