After what turned into a rather extended shower - I had to return the compliment to Kayanne, after all - we helped each other with dressing our hair and applying our make-up. We had fussed a little over what to wear: in general, at parties here, anything goes, but we were both intent on making a striking impression this evening.

We decided to go as a pair of Greek goddesses: with our Mediterranean complexions and dark hair, we felt we could carry this off with aplomb. We each donned a simple dress in the Greek style, in white linen freshly spun out of the manufactory, belted with a golden chain, slit at the side and with a neckline plunging to the waist. Our hair was curled and coiffed elaborately and piled high on our heads, held in place with gold clips. The whole was set off with strappy sandals and much gold jewelry. We twirled and paraded in front of the full-length mirrors, then nodded once to each other in approval: tonight, we truly personified the ancient Greek legends.

When we emerged from the bathhouse, the sunset cycle had completed and it was full dark. Lights set into low fixtures showed our way along the boardwalk while still allowing us to see the running lights and illuminated portholes of boats bobbing at anchor out in the lake. Kayanne and I walked arm-in-arm in a slow and stately fashion as befitted our roles as Athena and Aphrodite, heading for the beat and bounce and raucous conversation which indicated that the party was already in full swing.


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