Bathing in tin bath I was not sure whether Diana would be happy with the full implications of the life she had accepted. But we had plenty of time to talk, cautiously at first and then with growing clarity, on the walk home. Her reaction, once she appreciated the entire truth, was a curious admixture of surprise and wonderment and acceptance, which at once reassured and gratified both Cissy and myself.

We were all hungry, of course - Diana because she had been progressively starved for ages, and Cissy and I because we had donated almost all of our lunch to our foundling. On arrival, I immediately set to stoking up the range in the kitchen to cook a meal, while Cissy bustled about setting the fire in the parlor. Diana we sat in a comfortable chair by the fire, to warm herself, although after a few minutes of watching us moving purposefully about our familiar domain, she felt confident enough to ask: "What can I do to help?"

"You should bathe," I answered immediately, "Cissy and I will help wash you."

Diana's face lit up at the suggestion. I bade her draw water from the well, and set kettles to boil on the range, and then bring in the old tin bath from its place in the scullery. While I positioned the supper hotpot to simmer on the stove, the two women filled the bath and set out towels and other essentials.

Finally, Cissy tested the bath water with her hand.

"It's ready," she announced, "Let's get those clothes off you."

Diana was hesitant, shyness and modesty suddenly manifesting themselves from her upbringing.

"Don't be shy," I said, taking pity on her nervousness and glancing at Cissy, who grinned, "Let's all be naked together."

Taking turns, we helped each other disrobe, laying Diana's rags to one side to be later burned. We would find her much more becoming garments in the morning. Her tattered clothes had been concealing a truely lovely body: slim and strong, with small breasts and delightful nipples which just cried out to be sucked.

"You're beautiful!" Cissy exclaimed, making Diana both blush and smile.

I took Diana by the hand and guided her as she slipped into the steaming water of the bath. With soap and sponge and flannel, Cissy and I scrubbed at her skin and the remnants of her hair to leave her pink and pristine. She revelled in the experience, obviously enjoying the touch of our hands on her back and leg, and breast and thigh. I could feel myself becoming excited and distinctly wet between the legs, especially when I bade Diana to kneel in the cooling waters to soap her ass.

Diana had been eyeing appreciatively both Cissy's and my own nude forms and, as her confidence grew, reached out to touch me on the lower belly, the skin smooth where I had shaved only yesterday. I gasped involuntarily at her touch, making her snatch her hand away, but I gently caught her fingers and guided them back to that same spot.

"You like this?" I asked softly. She nodded; Cissy went to the dresser and returned with the razor and stone.

"My dear departed Mother recommended this practice, for health and hygiene," I said, adding sternly, "You must trust me, and you must also stay very still."

Diana's eyes widened again as I soaped and then shaved the hair in her armpits and around her pussy. When I had finished, she ran her own hand between her legs.

"So smooth!" she exclaimed.

I smiled and nodded, placing my own fingers alongside hers, a promise of pleasures to come.

Diana emerged from the waters and allows Cissy and I to dry her with a towel. I spread out a second towel on the floor in front of the fire and urging her to lie upon it, the better to annoint her skin with a selection of oils and lotions of our own manufacture. She arched her back and moaned softly as I rubbed her breasts with one fine unguent while Cissy softly massaged her buttocks with a cream already a particular favorite of mine.

Setting aside the pots and bottles, Cissy and I lay in front of the fire either side of Diana, still quite naked and now unashamedly kissing her mouth and the more intimate lips between her legs, gently introducing her to the pleasures of her own body and ours, in just the same way that Mother had introduced to Cissy and I all those years ago.

Part 3

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