As I arrived home, I threw off the coat and tossed it aside - it was whisked away by the automation as soon as my gaze was averted. It was followed by the skirt and top, then I threw myself on the futon and yawned widely. I felt quite relaxed after my afternoon of lavish sex and I felt it was time to take a short nap. After all, I had a long evening in front of me and I wanted to be at my very best.

I could see that my sister felt much the same. She had also discarded her coat and was tugging down her skirt. I plumped up a couple of pillows - not that they really needed it - patted one for Selene and smiled up at her. Now naked, she lay down next to me and I arranged the cover over both of us, tucking it tenderly around the lithe form next to me.

I must have fallen into a dreamless sleep almost immediately. Much later, I awoke, with Selene's tousled blonde locks on my shoulder and soft susurrations that indicated that she was still quite deeply asleep. I lay still and quiet, not wishing to disturb her; there was no rush to get up.

I found myself musing on why Marquis Dolls like me were made. Of course I have chatted to Mom about this. Her explanation is very simple: she wanted to have a daughter who could enjoy an even more active sexual life than she herself, and she felt this particular form was one which would pretty much guarantee that result. She was quite right on that score.

There really are very few restrictions on what one can do in our society, provided that it does not cause harm, directly or indirectly, to anyone. But one of the few strictly enforced prohibitions of our world is that procreation is almost entirely forbidden; very few licenses are ever issued.

Many people - indeed, almost all Kinds which are not Norms - are sterile, unable to father or bear a child. I myself do not even have the necessary biological machinery - womb, ovaries and so on - inside me at all. This has its advantages, making me more slender and muscular than would otherwise be the case. Besides, I would be very unlikely to get a license to breed - I am just not rich enough - even if it was physically possible for me to do so.

Selene began to stir next to me. I levered myself up on one elbow and spent a few delightful minutes watching my beautiful sister waking up. She is one of those people who always look so serene in sleep and whose emergence from the arms of Morpheus is a silent struggle with a soft enfolding cloud.

Sis finally opened her eyes and saw me watching her.

"Hi, sleepyhead," I said brightly.

She smiled in response then sat up in bed, stretching expansively.

"Sleep well?" I added.

"Oh, yes," she replied, "And now I'm really, really hungry."

I felt ravenous too. A thorough shagging and a refreshing nap do that to a girl, I suppose. Selene and I shared a light snack and a drink - delivered instantaneously by the PA - sitting cross-legged and nude on the mattress while we chatted softly about the party to which we had been invited and who we might encounter there.

Dragon has parties fairly frequently - every month or so. Selene and I seem to have been added to the regular guest list, not because Dragon is our father, particularly, but because we add to the party atmosphere. I know because I asked; Dragon said that our gaiety and laughter, not to mention our considerable sexual appetites, really helped his events go with a swing.

Refreshed, my sister and I spent some time allowing the automation to dress our hair and apply face and body make-up - I like to rouge my nipples and all three pairs of lips. Once again dressed in our iconic Private Detective uniforms, we set out from the flat to take the metro, to travel to Dragon's house.

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