Paradise Finessed Book Cover The wonderful Garden in which we lived was a paradise of delights and diversions, containing everything one could wish for. It was abundant in leaves and fruits, and nuts and mushrooms in some seasons, for a varied and pleasant diet washed down with pure fresh water from numerous springs and fountains. The trees and rocky hollows and, in parts, stands of tall grasses provided sheltered spots for sleep and private places for those who sometimes sought solitude.

I and my girlfriends had long ago discovered the pleasures of making another use of certain fruits and vegetables: plantains and bananas, cucumbers and courgettes, baby pumpkins and gourds. We well knew, from practice and experiment, the heightened pleasures that we experienced when our moist openings were tightly filled with firm playthings pressed deeply inside us.

But there had always been a forbidden fruit, it seemed. For as long as I could remember, the girls and the boys had kept themselves separate: the women enjoying the most intimate company of other women, and the same for the men. Men and women associating with one another was not in any way forbidden, but for some reason I had never thought of any of the menfolk as possible sexual partners.

But the Angels had opened my eyes to the possibilities. It was a revelation, a living proof that males and females could couple together, with - and my belly began to ache with sensual need at the very thought - great satisfaction to all concerned.

It occurred to me that one of the men, a young man by name of Adam, was also of the habit of watching others at their pleasures. I had observed him on more than one occasion, observing at a distance while Adana or one of my other friends had been pleasuring me. In the way of males, he had been stroking his own cock the entire time and I could swear that he had come at the same time as me when my girlfriend had so deeply penetrated me with a particularly fine cucumber.

So I sought Adam out. He was resting in the sunshine, sunbathing naked on the flat rocks which bordered the largest of the lakes in the Garden.

"Hello, Eve," he said in a friendly fashion as I approached, "How are you this fine afternoon."

I assured him that I was in the best of health; when had anybody been anything else? I sat on the sun-warmed stone next to him, my own naked form folded cross-legged. Adam glanced at me appreciatively, enough to encourage me to continue.

In a low voice, I told him I had been watching the Angels at their play, what I had witnessed and the pleasures that Raphael and Zophiel had enjoyed. He seemed fascinated. I went on suggest that there were other ways we could entertain each other. So saying, I ran my hand over his firm belly, stopping just before I reached his manhood. Gratifyingly, he stiffened at my touch, his cock hardening in just the way I had been hoping for.

"You mean men and women together?" he said, looking at first astounded at the idea, but then considering the idea with some seriousness.

I nodded, numbly. In a sudden moment of horror, I wondered if he would reject me now, push me from him in disgust.

"So we could make the sex of the Angels?"

I found my voice.

"Yes," I said, "You and I. Here. Now."

Tentatively at first, and then with increasing enthusiasm and abandonment, we tried sex together for the first time. Oh, we tried everything that, separately, boys and girls could do: mouths to cock and pussy, fingering of ass and vagina, his cock in my own rear opening.

But it did seem that the sex of the Angels was the thing to excite him most. At the end, when his cock pumped indefatigably in my wide-open pussy and he spurted his sweet cum deep inside me, it did seem the most natural, the most wonderful thing in the world. It was almost, I considered fuzzily, as if we had been made to copulate in this way.

I lay back, exhausted and at least temporarily satiated by the powerful releases which had just swept over me. A movement caught my eye; there was a figure standing nearby. We had been watched by Saitan, another of the Angels who had approached on foot through the woods unnoticed while Adam and I enjoyed each other's most intimate company. She was dark of skin and hair, the feathers of her wings almost as black as night, but beautiful as were all the Angels. As I looked, she grinned broadly in approval and nodded slowly as one in the know would do to another. She seemed pleased, even delighted at the performance she had just witnessed and somehow exuded a great sense of satisfaction, even pride, at a job well done.

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