I signaled to the stagehand and he threw me my prop. I whispered to Kristen: "Sweety, I'm going to fuck you very soon. Trust me. I won't hurt you. Just stay loose and let it happen, OK?"

She just moaned in reply, rhythmically thrusting her behind back onto my fingers. I pushed my leg between hers and let her hump my thigh. Meanwhile, I took my famous strap-on "manhood" and slipped one end into myself, then strapped on the support harness.

Oh, it felt so good to be full. I always feel powerful when I wear a strap-on; I sometimes think I can use a fake dick better that most men use their real ones. But then I have an advantage; I know what it feels like to have a man fuck me. No matter how hard they try to imagine it, heterosexual men can never really know that feeling.

I felt a little thrill when I realized that Kristen didn't know it either - yet.

I pulled my leg back from between Kristen's while she groaned with frustration. Then, leaning back a little, I rubbed my "manhood" against her glistening pussy lips. I said softly: "Kristen dear, I want you to reach back and put me inside you."

She looked back through her legs, and I felt her body jerk in surprise when she saw my life-like 10-incher. I said: "Trust me, Kristen. You're going to enjoy this, I promise."

She slowly reached back between her legs and fingered my 'cock'. After a while I had to say it again, a little more urgently this time. "Kristen, please put my cock against your opening. Do it now; everyone's calling for you to do it. Can't you hear them, Kristen? They're waiting for me to take your virginity. Do you want me to, Sweety? Do you?" My heart was pounding as she now took my fake cock and pulled it towards her cunt, making 'my half' of the dildo move inside me as she did so.

She placed it at her opening, and I gently urged my hips forward to penetrate her pussy lips. Kristen cried out as her virgin pussy was stretched, but I didn't stop.

Slowly I inserted an inch. She was quaking under me, but whether from pain or pleasure I neither knew nor cared. I was simply concentrating on doing my little American princess, so I rhythmically went an inch deeper, then another.

The crowd was going wild by this time. I could hear Kristen's breath coming fast and shallow, like a woman in childbirth using the Lamaze method.

Successive thrusts went deeper into her stretched opening until, finally, I bottomed out. All ten inches were inside my little princess, and she wasn't screaming into the night.

The audience was egging me on with a low, rhythmic chant of: "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!", and that's what I did, and Kristen seemed not to mind one bit.

Thrust in, pull out, thrust in, pull out... The rhythm started slow, and built up. I know what a crowd likes - and that is a big dick going in and out of a pretty, wet cunt. It sounds crude, but that's human nature, and I make a lot of money because I understand it.

So that's what I did to Kristen. I gave her a lot of dick; fake dick, to be sure, but good dick. She was really getting into it - I could hear her groan at the peak of each thrust - and I knew that she was going to reach the summit tonight.

The crowd were making a terrific din, but Kristen was in her own little world. I was holding her around the stomach, keeping up the pace, when I felt her tummy muscles start to ripple, and her body began to jerk under me. Then she began screaming: "Oh yes! Yes! Oh God yes!", and thrusting back at me as hard as I was thrusting into her.

Each of her movements pushed my half of the two-way dildo against my clitoris, and within a minute I experienced the most exquisite orgasm I think I've ever had.

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