Knowing that Kristen was coming as a result of my efforts greatly helped to push me over. We shook and spasmed as one, our juices and perspiration mixing as we were simultaneously overcome.

All of a sudden Kristen seemed to lose her strength and began to sag under me. I couldn't hold her up, so she fell to the floor of the stage, sprawling out under me, pulling my vinyl 'manhood' out of her body while the audience roared with approval.

I looked down at her sweet, limp body and smiled. An expression of utter bliss was on her face, her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. She's a natural, I thought. She wasn't acting, but didn't need to; she was a natural.

I heard another part of the audience shouting Kurt's name and, still on my knees above Kristen, I looked around to see how he was getting on.

He was pounding away like a machine at Kathy's pussy. From my angle I could see his huge cock pulling out of her, then disappearing back into her like a snake into its hole. Kathy was oblivious to everything but the fine screwing she was getting from Kurt.

I knew how that could be, having been there a few times myself. I looked down at Kristen. She was curled into a ball, her knees up to her chest, lying on her side and facing the audience with her eyes still closed.

Then I looked back at Kurt. His bottom was rising and falling. I knew that even if he came inside Kathy he'd keep up the rhythm till she had an orgasm; he could do that. I felt I ought to join in, so I stood up, my fake member in one hand, and skipped over to the rutting couple.

I knelt behind Kurt and looked questioningly at the audience. They cheered me on: "Do him! Go on, do him!" I usually ask Kurt in advance if I'm going to do my reverse routine, but things were different tonight.

The only warning I could give him was to bend over him and rub my nipples against his back. He didn't seem to notice me, however, or perhaps he didn't care - I don't know which.

So I grabbed hold of my still-wet and slick 'cock' and pushed the head against Kurt's rear door. I let him take me in at his own speed. Each time he pulled out of Kathy he impaled himself on my 'dick'. I'd sort of follow him down a little when he thrust into her again, so that with every backward move of his hips my "dick" buried itself a little deeper in his ass.

Eventually it was buried up to the hilt. I always like doing men. It's a trip to turn the tables and, besides, the crowd always loves it.

Every time Kurt pumped into Kathy, he'd pull himself off my 'cock'; and whenever he pulled his own dick out of her, he'd get mine deep in his rear.

Therefore, while Kathy was getting the screwing of her life, Kurt was getting banged up at the same time. We put on quite a show. It isn't easy to maintain a rhythm like that, but Kurt and I knew what we were doing. At last Kathy started to convulse in her final orgasm. Both Kurt and I could tell that he'd used her up; that she couldn't take much more. She was making unintelligible noises as her beautiful body flopped around uncontrollably underneath Kurt.

Then, to my surprise, Kurt himself started to come. I could tell, because I was stroking his shaft every time he pulled out before thrusting in again, and all of a sudden I felt hot fluids gushing out over my hand. I smiled triumphantly at the audience, holding out my dripping hand up for everyone to see. Kurt now fell sprawling on top of Kathy, pulling free from me, then rolled off her prostrate body.

I was so breathless I just stayed on my knees, jacking my vinyl 'cock' in my hand, actually pushing it in and out of my vagina, though the crowd just saw a woman masturbating her dildo. I liked doing that; it was kind of my trade-mark.

After a minute I jumped up and pulled off my strap-on, holding it above my head like a trophy, and Kurt got up and stood next to me. The music swelled. There we stood, in the middle of the stage, two blonde Germans, with our two American conquests, used-up and prostrate, on either side of us. It was a very erotic, and a symbolic scene, believe me.


That night was such fun for me that ever since then I've always kept an eye open for another virgin to take on stage. I must admit, though, that I never found one like Kristen again.

She and Kathy went back to Nuremberg for their skating competition, and did well. A week later they went home to America. I still get Christmas cards from them. Kristen has told me many times that if I ever come to America I must stay with her.

I've no idea where Oregon is, but if I ever do go to America I will surely find out.

Part 7