Lydia Max had turned forty only the week before. She'd never taken the time to truly enjoy herself before; work and making money were her life; her hobby and recreation. But lately she'd begun to wonder if she had missed something.

Lydia had never liked men; the only experience she'd ever had with them was in her business. She came from a long line of females and had never had a human male in the line. Her mother's male server had died young and since then her mother had taken only male sex partners who where bred for recreation not procreation. The recreational servers never interested Lydia. She'd tried out a few of her mother's and even used them from time to time before she finally decided to give them up all together.

It had been some years since Lydia had performed any sex act with another person. But that didn't mean that she wasn't interested. It had gotten to the point that she couldn't concentrate on her business because she was always thinking about having sex. The trouble was her thoughts always strayed to the females in her group. She desperately wondered what it would be like to hold another female in her arms and to enjoy each other's bodies.

In this era, homosexual liaisons were not acceptable. The few scandals that arose where the quick end of careers and the people involved were ostracized from society permanently.

But in Lydia Max's case things were a little different. She was a major contributor to the Western Hemisphere Party and if she wanted to do it she could easily make or break any politician in the World Government. So Lydia had requested the very best female breeding server and received it without comment.

The screen that glowed against the wall of her lounge showed that the girl was stunning. She had startlingly red hair and her skin glowed an unearthly pinkish white. Lydia knew that this girl had been bred to please a man in bed and to bear his children. She also knew that this beautiful woman-girl had graduated at the top of her class. Excitement welled up inside of Lydia Max as she continued to take in the lovely vision of this virginal Amazon girl-child.

Finally, she could stall no longer. With a brief moment of fear passing through her, she wished that the institute hadn't given this child a will of her own, rejection was something that she felt she couldn’t take at the moment. Lydia walked down the hall and into the anteroom to the waiting girl.


Sheryl7726 looked up startled at the sound of feet on plush carpet. It was her new mistress. The young girl's eyes clouded in momentary disappointment when she realized that indeed it was a woman, and that she was old! Sheryl7726 swallowed hard trying to cover up her feeling as the older lady waltzed into the room.

"Hi Honey, did my servants take appropriate care of you? What do you think of my house, have you been made to feel at home?" Sheryl7726's mistress looked down at the girl and was stunned all over again by her extreme beautify. Lydia had seen pictures of her and had even seen her from afar but standing so closed to the lightly clad female server child, one could tell the superior quality of her body as well as the sharp intellect radiating from her emerald green eyes.

Sheryl7726 looked back at the woman and noticed a light in her eyes. She knew what that 'light' was. She'd been trained to recognize lust in human males and there was no mistaking it in her new mistress.

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