After one last cry of pleasure mixed with frustration, Susan sat up and tried to restore some decorum to her flushed and sweaty face.

Next, Lori got to kiss Susan, with considerable ardor, and Jennifer drew a kiss with Chuck. This time she was careful to stay within the rules, with a plain kiss, but whispered soft words to him, a promise of more to come. For her second nude penalty, Lori drew Chuck. He told her to stand facing away from him, and proceeded to press his hard-on against her shapely posterior, bringing his hands around and up front, holding and caressing her breasts. Her breathing got faster as he brought one hand downwards, leaving the other one playing with a nipple. He gently touched her soft, blond curls, continued down, feeling the silky skin on the inside of her thighs, brought his hand upwards again, spreading her legs apart, touching her lips, feeling her wetness, probing carefully with one finger between her lower lips, withdrawing again and releasing her completely as Jennifer called time.

Renee drew Susan for her kiss. Clearly not what she wanted, she checked the count twice, and then just gave her a minimal cool kiss with closed lips. Then she lost again right away, and this time she had better luck with her draw. She stood in front of Chuck, facing him boldly as he reached out and embraced her, gave her the kiss she wanted, while caressing her back, down over her pert little ass, gently massaging the cheeks. She melted into his embrace with a soft sigh, pressed the entire length of her body against his, slowly moving her hips. He just held her gently like this for a moment, then reluctantly released her, took a step backwards, and placed his hands on her shoulders, admiring her lithe, elegant beauty. He then moved his hands downwards, caressing every inch of golden skin, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her thighs and slender legs, down to her feet. When he finished she was trembling, but she sat down again without a sound.

Chuck had trouble controlling his own breathing now, and his cock was hot and throbbing. This game was tremendously exciting, and at the same time s-o-o frustrating. Surrounded by four beautiful naked women, but allowed to take pleasure with them only in carefully measured portions, he felt excitement and expectation mounting a step at a time... mounting a big step in the next round, as Chuck lost, and drew Jennifer as 'handler'. She told him to lie flat on his back, and he could barely keep from crying out loud as she applied her expert hands to his balls and dick.

Then the roles were reversed in the next round, with Chuck giving Jennifer a treat, rubbing her mound with his hand, down between her pussy lips to play with her clit, eliciting a loud moan, then further down with first one, then two fingers entering her moist hole. She squirmed under his hands, jutting her hips upwards, and kept on panting and moving for a long while even after he had to withdraw.

Then Renee drew Susan again, and looked even more unhappy about it this time. But Susan gently told her to lie down on her back, close her eyes, and relax. She then proceeded to treat Renee's pussy with soft kisses, and when she started to use her tongue, licking and blowing on her clit, Renee couldn't hold back any longer, but started to make soft mewing sounds of pleasure. Then Lori got to give Susan the same treatment, and Susan was a lot less restrained in her vocalizations, gasping and crying out every time Lori's tongue touched her sensitive spots.

"Let Renee lose again now...", Chuck thought, while the next round was played, "then I get to make love to her. But of course, if Susan loses, I can screw her instead, and if I lose myself, one of these chicks is going to suck my cock. Not such a bad deal, whichever way it goes - if all goes well I'll get to fuck every one of them before the game's over." Jennifer lost now, and Lori gave her a good long licking.

Then it was Chuck's turn, and Susan settled down on his chest as he laid back on the floor, and lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock, and started giving him head, with her lips going up and down the shaft, her tongue playing around the glans. While she was sucking him, she pushed her ass towards his face, in a clear invitation to reciprocate. With her warm and wet pussy beckoning with glistening lips just inches from his mouth, he didn't hesitate but put his hands on her hips, pulled her down, and spread her lips with his tongue. He didn't have to lick her for more than a few second before she came, violently, shaking all over, her screams barely muffled by his dick still in her mouth.

Then, finally, came the moment he had been waiting for - Renee. When she realized what she had coming, she let out a small sigh, laid down on the floor, and closed her eyes. He stood up, his proud dick rising rock-hard straight out from his loins. Looking up and down her beautiful, slim body, so nude and vulnerable on the floor, he carefully spread her legs, knelt between them, leaned forward and kissed her. Then he lowered his cock towards her pussy, first with the tip touching just the soft hair, then in between the lips, up and and down along the cleft, and finally, when she started moving her hips beneath him, and he could feel juices flowing from her moist hole, he pushed inwards, penetrating her first with the head, then with his entire long, thick shaft in one stroke.

She cried out and put her arms around him, pulling him closer, deep inside her. Her pussy was tight around his cock, as he slowly moved it in and out, her hips following his movements, a moan escaped from her lips at every stroke. As he increased the pace, her moans became louder and louder, changing into pure cries of joy and pleasure as she came in a shuddering orgasm. As he pulled out, she lay back panting, her chest heaving. He looked around the room, and found the other three girls all watching intently.

"Had fun?", asked Jennifer, one hand moving between her legs, "Don't spend yourself all at once, please, we want some of that too...", pointing at his throbbing dick, shiny wet with Renee's juices.

In the next round Jennifer got her wish, as she 'lost', and of course picked Chuck for her pleasure. "Take me, fuck me from behind!", she told him as she got down on her hands and knees, her legs spread wide, her red pussy lips open and inviting between the soft, white cheeks of her full, round ass. He did not hesitate a second, but grabbed her hips and with one violent motion thrust his rigid penis deep inside her hot, wet hole. She let out a long deep cry of pleasure as he banged into her pussy, her excitement mounting rapidly as he stroked her cunt deep and hard. It took him less than a minute to bring her to orgasm, but still he was saving himself, there were more pussies in the room waiting for him.

When Chuck lost the next time, he recalled Jennifer's words: "Then everybody jumps on top of you, and stay there until you've satisfied them all..." as the four girls advanced on him, and pushed him down flat on his back. Susan was first, straddling his hips as she lowered her pussy onto his erect member, until he was engulfed in her warm wetness. Lori brought her cunt to his face, and obscured his vision of everything but her blond curls, as he slipped his tongue between her lips, into her steaming hole.

But he could feel hands fondling all parts of his body, and knew the other girls were not idle. Susan was still moving rapidly up and down on his dick, her fluttering pussy lips driving him wild. He stretched out his hands, and found soft, smooth skin with both. On one side, a muscular thigh, higher up moist curly hair, where he kept his hand, massaging the mound underneath. With his other hand he encountered another hand, smaller and slimmer than his. He squeezed it for a moment, then continued upwards, along a slender arm, down to a large, firm breast, caressing it, tweaking the erect nipple.

The girls changed places several times, never leaving his dick or tongue unoccupied for more than seconds. He'd lost count of the number of female orgasms he'd felt or heard, and the girls were all a blur in his mind - he was surrounded by a single female body, with four pussies, eight hands, four mouths and eight breasts.

Part 2