Abigail split and shuffled the cards again in a competent-looking way, slapping the deck on the low table for me to cut. I did so. She swept up the pack and swiftly dealt five cards for each of the four of us. I picked up my hand. It was rubbish; no starting-point for a straight or a flush. I pulled out the lowest face-values and tossed them down.

"Two cards please," I said, making no attempt to disguise my distaste at the hand I had been given.

Abigail dealt two cards in my direction with a smirk. I picked them up. No improvement. I was going to lose this one. Still, I reminded myself, here the idea was not necessarily to win, but to play the game with these very lovely ladies. That thought brought a smile to my lips, a reaction not lost on either Leena or Abigail. Abigail smiled in return, her luminously wide green eyes flashing. She then turned to the petite blonde girl sitting opposite me.

"Two," Gemma said after a short delay. She sounded uncertain. Abigail dealt the cards she asked for. Gemma picked them up. She still looked very uncertain. She picked up her cocktail, brought the straw to her pursed and rouged lips, then apparently changed her mind and put the glass down again.

"Just one for me," grinned Leena, exuding confidence.

Abigail dealt again, then placed the remaining deck on the table. She picked up her own cards and inspected then briefly, then tossed out a couple.

"And two for me," she said casually, taking two cards from the top of the pack.

She arranged the new cards into her own hand deftly, then drank from her third Long Sloe Comfortable Screw that sat on a coaster nearby.

"All done," Abigail said brightly, glancing around at each of us, "Time for a showdown."

She placed her cards face-up on the table.

"Two pairs," she announced, looking smug.

I threw my cards down. "Nothing," I said disgustedly, "Ace high."

Abigail and Leena sniggered. Gemma put down her cards, showing a queen flush. Her body language had been completely misleading earlier. Remind me never to play poker for money against that woman. Leena also turned up her cards.

"I've got two pairs, too," she announced, glancing at me with a smirk on her lips. I wondered idly what two pairs she was concealing under her skimpy clothing.

"You lose," Abigail said to me, licking her lips. It was true enough, although I felt I should check my understanding of the rules.

"Sure, Gemma's got the highest hand," I said, "But didn't you say that everyone except the winner has to strip off?"

I had already realized that Abigail's interpretation of the rules would mean that games would be short and everyone would probably be down to their underwear in no time at all.

"Oh, yeah," Abigail replied, still grinning. She pushed off one of her strappy high heels with the pointed tip of the other, then used her toes - nails finished in black varnish, I noticed - to remove the other one. I followed suit and moved to pull off a shoe, fumbling very slightly with the laces.

"Both shoes," Gemma demanded, pouting, as she kicked off her own shoes, which ended up in a heap with those that Leena had just removed. I hastened to comply. I had no desire to be seen as a party-pooper in this oh-so-very desirable company.


The next three rounds were evenly matched, everyone winning one hand apiece. I lost my socks, shirt and pants, leaving me just wearing my boxers. The excitement of the game and the display of semi-naked female flesh all around me had inevitably given rise to a certain bulge in my underwear. All three girls were looking at me in what I imagine was supposed to be a covert kind of way, although the direction of their glances was pretty obvious.

Abigail and Gemma had discarded their business-like skirts and their blouses, neither of them without more than the smallest signs of hesitation or embarrassment. This allowed me to admire - equally covertly, I'm sure - Gemma's well-rounded breasts, which were only partially constrained by a lacy white bra. Abigail's tits were also beautifully shaped and not actually much smaller than Gemma's, and very much in proportion to Abigail's tall and slender figure.

The round that I had won - the last of the three - I took great and obvious delight in sitting back and watching the girls remove their chosen items of clothing. There was plenty of giggling and glancing around, although I did notice that Gemma's looks lingered on Abigail. I got the distinct impression that the attention was appreciated and might even be reciprocated.

Leena's choice surprised me. Perhaps I had expected that she would have slipped off her skirt at this point, or perhaps her stockings, leaving her in bra and panties like the other girls. Instead, and to my utter delight, she elected to remove her brassiere, casually tossing it behind the couch with a flick of her wrist. Needless to say, I could not take my eyes off her chest. She had firm tight breasts, with small dark nipples that stood out on the relative paleness of her skin. She threw back her shoulders to display her tits to the full advantage, the diamond-studded choker emphasizing the smooth curves of her neck and shoulders.

"You like?" Leena purred, looking me directly in the eyes.

I nodded speechlessly, acutely aware of the sudden twitch in my boxer shorts - a reaction that did not go unnoticed by any of the girls. I guessed the removal of her bra at this point was Leena's way of competing with the more well-endowed girls around the table. It worked for me.

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