As Joe's cock stood proud in full display her tits shook in an unusual way. They bounced as if she had jumped, although she stood firmly in place with her smile and sunglasses still in place. Joe marveling at the bubbly flesh took no concern. She then closed the distance between them, her tits shaking and flapping against her chest with each small step. Reaching Joe she wrapped one of her soft hands around his erect manhood and squeezed.

With a firm grasp she rubbed his length with consistent movements. Her soft skin keeping him hard; Joe's blood began boiling at her caress. He began flexing the muscles in his legs and ass; he knew he was getting close. Did he want to pay a hooker to cum from a hand job; could he willingly stop? Suddenly she released his cock. Her facial expression exactly the same, that unchanging smile and eyes hidden.

Turning her body in place, her tits wildly shaking as if she were on a trampoline she discovered the bed. She went to it, lay down on her back, and spread her legs wide exposing her pussy which was profusely wet. It was so wet that there was a trail of liquid running down between her thighs full force and already creating a puddle on his bed.

Joe just stared, so amazed by his luck knowing that he was about to get his cock deep into that hot body. He was not at all concerned with her wild tits, but further excited by their fluid ripeness. Suddenly this woman's head popped up impatiently, her smile beckoning him. He observed his reflection in her glasses as he approached.

Arriving at his bed with this naked girl on it, her legs open and waiting to receive him. Her vagina sopping wet and the wet spot on the sheets now substantial did nothing but spur Joe on. This woman must be ovulating to be so aroused; he had never seen so much vaginal lubrication before.

"Do you want to take off your sunglasses before we start?" He asked her. Her response was the same as it's been accompanied by an impatient lunge of her pelvis as it leaped up in anticipation. "If it doesn't bother you it doesn't matter to me I guess." Joe crawled on the bed, and positioned himself on top of her nude form. Getting between her legs, his hard cock pointed down directly at the steaming wet hole it was about to fill. Sensing his position her legs quickly wrapping around his back and her hands going to his ass cheeks; she pulled him down into her balls deep in just one forceful and impatient plunge.

Joe was startled at the shocking strength of her legs as they pulled his body and feeding his cock entirely into her radiating wet pussy. "Oh my God." Joe moaned as her internal muscles gripped down hard onto his rod; her legs locking around his hips and keeping him tightly inside. He tried to withdraw, but could only extricate himself a mere two or three centimeters from her furnace. Joe did his best to pump her eager body that resembled humping more than thrusting.

Joe considered asking her to loosen her legs, but her pussy kept squeezing him like he had his cock in some kind of milking machine with ultra-soft wet and hot walls that just keep milking, and milking. It felt too good to argue, and he believed she only cared about the money anyway. He kept up his small thrusts as the flooded pussy stayed glued to his entire length in motions designed by god to provoke his cock into releasing its seed deep into a woman's body. His entire mid-section was sopping wet from her juices as he maintained his course of consistent grinds into her clasping depths.

It didn't take long of her pussy stimulating his cock and her legs locked around him to bring his orgasm to the surface. His body tensed as his cock pulsated; he released full squirt after squirt of his load as he fired it deep into her body. Her small frame shaking in what resembled an orgasm to Joe, although her face motionless with that sinister smile.

His cock continued depositing its seed into her depths. As his cock pulsated inside her pussy, its walls squeezed in what felt like a sucking motion. Ongoing her pussy sucked at his cock as if desperate for his cum. Her body rigid and her legs locking even tighter behind him sealed him inside her small frame.

Load after long held load, Joe shot into her body, in response her body kept up its sucking ministrations on his cock held firmly inside her; locked deep inside. Slowly Joe came down from his intense orgasm; his cock deflating just slightly although her pussy continued its sucking. Gasping for breath Joe exhaled, "Damn I heard women orgasm for a couple minutes sometimes, but you sure push that to its limit don't you?"

The seconds ticked on with no visible response, just a smiling girl under him with those sunglasses on hiding her eyes, and a writhing body which continued to hungrily feed on his cock like a straw which led to desperately needed food. With the sexual haze leaving his mind Joe noticed the sudden wetness. His entire midsection was drenched, along with what appeared to be a pool on his mattress. "What the fuck...?" He muttered with uncertainty.

"Can you let go of me please. I came, I'm done. I'll pay you now." He attempted to pull his hips free to be held inside by her powerful thighs. He looked down at her, her response still the same, and offering no response to his request, but the same smile. "I said, will you please let me go?" Her legs held him tight; her pussy refusing to stop working around his semi-erect cock.

"Owe, what the fuck!" Joe yelled after feeling several sudden pokes into his skin, like he was bit around the base of his cock. Relying on brute strength; from his sudden panic he grabbed her legs and attempted to pull them from around his waist to with little luck; he was shocked at the strength this woman had. Joe began to pull his hips from her biting pussy to encounter more pain. It felt like tiny teeth were stuck in around the perimeter at the base of his cock threatening to tear it off should he pull too hard.

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