"Let me the fuck go, bitch!" he screamed as his body thrashed, pulling her with him but never dislodging himself to any degree. Joe's body flailed, he twisted around and pulled her body with him in a frantic rage. Through his struggles Joe managed to land flat on his back on the floor with her on top of him. Her legs still wrapped tightly around his waist.

Panicking at the enigmatic situation he started to punch at the hooker. On the second hit to the side of her head, her glasses broke and fell. "Oh my God! What the fuck! What the fuck are you! Let me go, please!" There above him were two sockets void of eyes. Her head resembled a mannequin; a fake appendage designed to trick something or someone into believing it was a woman!

Suddenly her tits came alive shaking. Her nipples moving and suddenly opening in the most unusual way, it made no sense to Joe. He saw it, they were eyes! Oh my god, her tits were eyes! His assault moving from this fake woman's head to her tits; that must be it! He grabbed at the left and drew his other fist back to bludgeon the right one with. Suddenly the beast's arms grabbed his wrists with lightning like speed and pinning him down to the ground.

She was astoundingly powerful, Joe couldn't believe it! This monster that looked like a sexy young woman was unbelievably strong; more powerful than Joe believed any human could be! She held him down roughly, his waist locked wrapped by its legs, and his wrists pinned tightly to the floor.

The beast growled from within, a sound of attack that vibrated through him to resound in his cock. Suddenly her belly button moved, he heard the air intake; that must be its nose. If her tits are its eyes, and the belly button is the nose; that must mean the pussy where his cock was trapped was... was... it's mouth! "Nooo!" Joe screamed as his muscles budged mightily attempting to free him.

He had to escape; he couldn't let this thing eat his cock. Exercising superhuman levels of strength in his panic induced rage produced nothing but the slightest of budge from the beast atop him. Its eyes looking down at he in what he could only guess was humor.

Joe's strength quickly left him, he lay there gasping. Suddenly the strangest feeling appeared in his crotch. He felt movement, a liquid being pumped into him. It appeared that she was injecting something into the base of his cock with her vaginal fangs.

Joe quickly understood the purpose as his cock began to enlarge to massive proportions. Her pussy kept its frantic sucking on his cock as the fangs kept pumping him full of its toxin. His cock was full; he had never felt this way. It felt like his cock was about to burst with fullness. The sexual lust crept into his mind as she sucked, and sucked, and sucked.

"Oh God..." Joe moaned as this things pussy/mouth whatever it was kept grapping and milking his cock in desperate motions. "You must want it big before you bite it off for your dinner?" He gasped as her legs assisted her fleshy prison in pumping him into its mouth.

Joe came in a powerful burst. His cum firing into this monster with more force than before; and it kept coming. His cock tightly held into this monster spurt streams of sticky cum deeply into its feeding mouth, he felt it moan. Above him the tit eyes kept its intense glare at him with the fake mannequin like head flopping around on the top still with that stupid fake smile.

Minutes went by and he continued to orgasm, his seed continued pumping into this woman beast. Joe's lust consuming his mind, refusing to allow him to worry; insisting he enjoy the pleasure. On and on his orgasm went, each load of seed he let loose was quickly swallowed by the fake pussy mouth that imprisoned his reproductive organ.

Orgasmic bliss filled Joe's mind. His body completely out of his control as he continually loosed his cum into this monsters hungry mouth. After over a gallon of his seed leaving his body; darkness took him quietly. The room was silent from all except the sucking sounds from this fake woman's pussy on his still spraying cock; all throughout the night it drank.


Lt. Shaw looked down at the human husk as he took notes. "What do you think happened to this guy?" Officer Smith asked fearfully.

"I don't know Smith, and for once I'm not sure I want to find out."

Part 2