Bratz! Book Cover The stage lights swung and tracked the Bratz as she gyrated and flexed across the stage. Every eye in the room - as well as the cameras of the media company - was riveted to the slender female-looking body. She was, the Spokesperson considered, everything that had been advertised. Now it was time to convince the paying public.

The figure pranced to the edge of the stage, put her hands on her waist and ground her hips provocatively to cheers and general encouragement from the crowd. Then she looked left and right into the wings, held up both her hands with arms outstretched and beckoned offstage. The tempo of the music notched itself up to accompany the other six Bratz as they filed onto the stage, waving and blowing kisses to the audience. With a crash of synthesized cymbals, the music paused just as the group took up their positions, posed motionless ready for the start of their first dance sequence. Then the music resumed with an even more frenetic number and the Bratz swung into action.

The audience was treated to a carefully choreographed and incredibly sexually-charged dance number, made all the more appealing by the fact that all of the dancers were more-or-less entirely naked. Provocative poses and suggestive movements soon gave way to more explicit activities, beginning with the girls kissing each other's lips and tits enthusiastically. Soon, the whole of their bodies was surrounded by a faint nimbus made up of equal parts of perspiration and glamour.

Each of the figures on stage was exquisitely proportioned. All had long slender legs: several were wearing stockings, and all were wearing elegant high-heeled shoes or thigh-length boots - at least, this was the appearance until one realized that the apparel was actually just an integral part of their construction.

Every girl had slender and muscular thighs joining exquisitely smooth and contoured pussy lips, bracketed by narrow hips, with an impossibly slender waist and back. Their breasts were near-perfect spheres with large dark aureoles surrounding pert nipples. Every girl's hair was long and voluminous and glossy, each in different shades to complement their individual skin tones, and stretching below every girl's ass and framing their faces.

And they were all beautiful heart-shaped faces with narrow chins and full pouting lips. But it was the eyes which were incredible: huge and lustrous, shining in the spotlights accented with what was evidently permanent make-up and impossibly long eyelashes.

In the dance, six of the girls formed couples, kissing passionately while fingering the inviting slit between each other's legs. Then, in a single complexly-choreographed movement, the audience was treated to an impressive display of coordinated cunnilingus.

One girl kneeled to press her lips against her standing partner's pussy, another girl lay back with her ankles crossed behind her neck while her partner bent on all-fours to pleasure her, and a third couple smoothly adopted the sixty-nine position.

The crowd, already warmed up by the act, cheered and roared with abandon. The sole remaining figure, the Bratz who had been first on the stage, mimed looking around at the rest of the troupe with dismay. She ran from one couple to another, apparently being rebuffed by each in turn. Finally, she stood front of stage, shrugged and winked at the audience and then, in a single smooth movement, bent forward and licked her own clitoris.

"You see how she did that?" the Spokesperson said conversationally to the talking head, who was still projecting polite interest, "Extra joints in the spinal column and stronger muscles in the diaphragm. To specification, part of the design changes."

"Are they not manufactured to be like humans, then?" the anchordoll projection asked, raising one impeccably-plucked virtual eyebrow.

"More or less human," affirmed the Spokesperson, "But we have made a number of engineering improvements, to make them better toys for the boys, and for the girls."

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