The opening number came to a dramatic finish, with more than half of the Bratz on stage appearing to reach an intense orgasm coinciding perfectly with the climax of the music. Predictably, this invoked even more wild cheering, whistles and shouts of encouragement and appreciation. The group on stage disengaged from one another and formed up to acknowledge the applause in a choreographed movement which would easily have doubled for a classic photo-opportunity group pose.

The first Bratz spoke directly to the crowd, her voice carrying across the noise of the nightclub with the aid of some unobtrusive amplification.

"Thank you, thank you," she acknowledged, her voice pure and pretty and innocent but with a strong suggestion that it could become downright dirty in a moment.

"This is the one known as Jasmine," the Spokesperson said conspiratorially to the watching interviewer, "She's the leader of this little troupe. They all have different personalities, different traits."

"Now," Jasmine said, holding up her hands for quiet, her beautifully sculptured breasts bouncing at the movement, "For this next number we will need some volunteers from the audience!"

It seemed like everybody was on their feet in an instant, striving to make themselves heard, to get themselves selected. The Bratz split into two groups and paraded down the steps to the floor of the nightclub, circulated effortlessly amongst the crowd, most of whom were desperate to touch or caress those luscious bodies.

Within moments, the Bratz flowed back onto the stage, accompanied by a handful of men and a smaller number of women. It took little encouragement for the volunteers to strip off their remaining clothes - one woman was already naked other than for a pair of high-heeled shoes by the time she got to the steps.

Individually or in small groups, the newcomers on stage were guided to one of the Bratz, who wasted no time encouraging their selected partners, sucking cocks greedily and licking pussies and asses. It occurred to the considerable, if artificial, intelligence that was projecting the interviewer that the volunteers from the audience had been carefully selected to allow the girls to show off their full range of talents.

The Spokesperson kept up a running commentary throughout, directed at the watching interviewer and the millions of people who were observing the outputs from the cameras.

One man already had his dick deeply inserted in Jasmine's throat.

"You see how the Bratz's throat has been reshaped, to allow for a full and satisfying insertion?"

Another Bratz was suspended between two men, both pounding away at the opening between her legs.

"Both vagina and anus have been enhanced with a considerable range of muscles to stimulate and control."

One woman was firmly pressing a Bratz's face to her clitoris, her face already a rictus of passion and impending climax.

"We have made their tongues longer and stronger, with alternately rough and smooth surfaces for maximum pleasure."

The woman who had already undressed before getting to the stage was kneeling, moaning desperately as another Bratz inserted her fingers and then her whole hand into her vagina.

"The Bratz's hands and wrists are deliberately made very slender, but still extremely strong and supple, to maximize the opportunity for pleasurable fisting."

The show, the Spokesperson considered, seemed to be off to a good start.

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