Thanks for trusting me with your life story, or at least some
of it.

I really liked the pictures that you sent through, too - all
so very sensual, your naked body a delight for the senses.
I particularly liked the one with you pregnant. You made a
beautiful mother - both before and after Rach was born!

I guess by the time you're my age, Rach will be a grown woman,
and I hope you'll be as good friends then as you are now.

Here in England the weather is rarely good enough to go nude
outdoors.  Some friends of mine solved this by installing a
hot tub in the garden - and growing lots of trees to make
it all nice and private.  I go and enjoy their naked company
whenever I can - the warm water's great on skin, but the run
from the tub back indoors is a challenge in the winter!

More later.  Kisses, Paula

First voice: "I think we can conclude the image analysis is working OK."

Third voice: "It’s a bit obvious that she’s up the duff. Besides, the PAULA software was designed to identify important body features and facial emotional cues."

Lorianne pregnant
Hi Paula.

Did you really like the picture of me
pregnant?  Some girl on the Slated site
said it made me look ugly.

About me and Rach is a complicated
story. We are most definitely not a
typical mother-daughter relationship.
Like I said earlier, I feel like we
have kind of grown up together.

We are close and we are inseparable.
I know she's young, but she has a
great interest in girls, especially me,
and I strongly suspect she is lesbian.
I do believe it is genetic and not a
choice someone just makes overnight.

I hope you aren't offended.

Rach is the sweetest and most affection person on the face
of this earth. She is so protective of me, as I am her.
Believe it or not she just exudes sexuality. She is my

You sound so interesting, probably way too smart for me.

Anyway, I hope this finds you and you are still interested.


Second voice: "So why PAULA?"

First voice: "Stands for Personalized AUtomatic Linguistic Analyser."

Second voice: "Huh. A splendid example of retrospective acronym generation."

Third voice: "It's in the finest traditions of modern science, I’ll have you know."

Hi LoriAnne
First, I should say that I'm pretty hard to offend.
I'm not in the least upset by something that is obviously
so loving, so caring, so joyous, between the two of you.
I can understand your feeling of growing up together - you're
still young yourself - and I sincerely hope you will be as
close in ten years time as you are now.  And do enjoy her
company now - let me know what Rach likes, and what you
like, when you are together.

I do like to think of myself as an intelligent woman,
but I don't want you to be put off by that.  Some wise
person - I must look up who it was - once said that smart
people were more likely to ignore the narrow strictures
of the conventions their society attempts to impose on
them.  I sincerely believe this is true, and I for one
refuse to be judgmental about anything.

And, yes, you looked gorgeous in that picture - I would
have loved to rub oil into your breasts and bump.  That
girl was just a bitch.

More chat later, Paula xx

First voice: "Nice touch about the nude and pregnant picture."

Second voice: "Nah. Simple heuristic. Whenever anyone says something bad about themselves, disagree with them and turn it into a compliment."

Third voice: "So that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years."

Hi Paula,

Rach and I went to the beach. We live very close. We
walked about 5 miles, looking at shells. We found an isolated
stretch and we took off our bikinis and played in the water
for a while.

We were so tired when we got back we took a shower and then
laid down together. She was asleep in about two minutes. I got
up later and fixed our dinner and we watched some TV until we
went to bed.

We woke up early this morning. She is so lovely, Paula. I wish
you could know her.  She truly is my soul mate.

Kisses from us both.


First voice: "How is Paula dealing with the time difference?"

Second voice: "I’m not sure that’s taken into account in the heuristics."

Third voice: "Nah, no problem. Could be working though the night, or insomniac, whatever."

Hi LoriAnne,

I just loved your description of you and Rach on your trip
to the sea.  I was just picturing you in my mind's eye naked
and smiling in the sea.  It’s a beautiful image with the sand
and salty water on your skin, and the sun on your hair.

Now, boringly, I'm at work, in the office space at the
University I share with three other Research Associates.
I have a meeting with my Professor later on, and he will be
reviewing the draft paper I've been working on for the last
few days.  No doubt he'll find something wrong with it, and
I'll need to do more work.

How did the rest of your weekend go?

Kisses, Paula

First voice: "Picked up well on that one."

Second voice: "Hmm. Not sure about the segue in the second paragraph."

Third voice: "Just trying to get back on script, I expect."

Hi Paula,

Not much since we spoke last.  Just our usual life together at
home.  Watched TV, ate dinner, then bedtime.

I slept close with Rach, cuddling together as we always do. She
is so lovely, so bright and aware.  She is my life.

Hope the interview with your Professor went OK.

Hugs and kisses, LoriAnne

First voice: "She’s got her daughter on her mind a lot, hasn’t she?"

Second voice: "Her half-sister, you mean."

Third voice: "Hmm. Don’t you think it’s getting a bit repetitious?"

Hi LoriAnne

Sorry to have been out of touch for a while.  Now, it's Sunday
morning; let's see - what have I been up to since we last chatted.

Yesterday afternoon I did more work on my latest academic paper,
which is in an interdisciplinary are of Cognitive Science at
the overlap between Psychology and Machine Intelligence
specifically focusing on the mechanisms for emotions.

Of course, there are clear evolutionary advantages of emotions
like fear, or love.  But what I’m interested in are the mental
mechanisms - the clockwork inside your head, if you like - and
the interactions with other cognitive functions.

Strong emotions often override logical decision-making: fear,
lust, and one you’ll understand, a mother's love.

First voice: "Where's she getting this material?"

Second voice: "I think she's quoting my dissertation."

Third voice: "Huh. And where did you steal it from?"

Second voice: "The difference between plagiarism and research is that, in research, you steal your ideas from many people."

Anyway enough of all that.  Afterwards, I had a long relaxing
bath - shaved myself everywhere, if you know what I mean!

Then out to dinner with some old friends, a couple who have so
far resisted the temptation to try and set me up with a new man.
Drank red wine and chatted late into the evening, then home to
bed, alone.

Slept late this morning.  Felt horny when I did wake, and had
a long play with my favorite toy.  Then, I took a long shower
followed by a breakfast of strawberries and yoghurt.

What have you been doing?

More later.  Kisses, Paula

Second voice: "She’s still in the script, then."

First voice: "Yes, it is. Not sure about the female masturbation sequence. Could do with tightening up a bit."

Third voice: "We’ll leave that one to you, then, shall we?"

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