Oh Paula,

Mmmm.  At this point, my kisses and licks would be with you and
Rach. I hope you imagine only the best and that you and I can
have a mutual orgasm soon.

Kisses and licks for you, dear Paula. You are so refreshing to
talk to.


First voice: "She’s a horny little slut, isn’t she?"

Third voice: "No, just lonely I think."

Second voice: "But a fairly direct come-on, wouldn’t you say?"

Hi, my dear friend LoriAnne,

I've just had the most frustrating evening, so far, trying
to complete my paper.  

Anyway I've stopped messing with the computer and thought
I'd write to you instead.  I don't want you to feel I'm
ignoring you at any time, but it will sometimes be necessary
to delay my responses - my professional responsibilities and
so on.

On that note, I'll be going away - no computer - for a few
days at the end of the week.  It's a research retreat and
we're all supposed to put everyday things aside and think
deep thoughts.  Oh, and there'll be plenty of wine and food
too, so I'll probably put on a few pounds.  On the other
hand, the place is supposed to have a good gym, so maybe
I can get in a workout or two.

So how are you doing?  Let me know your news.

Affectionately, Paula

First voice: "This is straight from the script, isn’t it?"

Third voice: "Yep. It’s a holding pattern, intended to explain any long delay in responding."

Second voice: "So why is PAULA using it now?"

Hi Paula,

I have thought about you so much today.

Rach and I have just been fooling around the house. We went
for a long walk in the woods behind our house. It's so much
fun to watch her little mind absorb nature. She truly understand
the importance of all the species working together to keep us
all viable. Even seeing a bird eat a lizard is explainable to
her. I'm just so impressed.

We came back and laid down for what I thought might be a nap
and it turned into a very intimate kissing and cuddling session.
I am constantly astonished at how affectionate she can be. Such
a loving spirit and soul she has.

She is so clearly attracted to girls. To me it just proves that
being lesbian is genetic and not a choice. Don't you agree?

In her home schooling, we are doing a section on biology and it
gives me an opportunity to explain so many things to her.

Kisses and licks for you from us both.


First voice: "So her daughter is a les, too?"

Third voice: "Yeah. I wonder just how intimate they really are?"

Second voice: "Surely not.”

First voice: "So how’s PAULA going to react to this one?"

Hi LoriAnne,

I'm constantly fascinated by what you and Rach enjoy.  I truly
appreciate the way you two are together - whether discussing
the biological interactions of the natural world on your
woodland walk, or kissing and cuddling each other.

There's a lot of empirical evidence to suggest that sexual
orientation - like being bi or lesbian - is indeed something
we are born with - something determined in the womb or before,
 and they say that this is something you can observe very early
in life.  So, yes, it is very likely that little Rach is indeed
a lesbian.

Time for me to go to bed now.  I'll think of you - am I allowed
to imagine where your kisses and licks are placed?

More tomorrow.  Your affectionate friend, Paula xx

First voice: "More from your dissertation?"

Second voice: "I’m afraid so."

Third voice: "And a direct reaction to the come-on too."

Hi LoriAnne,

I feel very refreshed this morning, which is thanks to you,
of course.  Just the thought of your warm lips pressed against
me, in several very intimate places, made me very horny indeed.
After that, a few minutes with a few drops of massage oil
brought me off.

I would so like to hear more about what you and Rach are up to,
what you like and dislike, your hopes and dreams, your life.
What did you do with the rest of your day yesterday?  Write to
me if you can - no pressure, of course, but rest assured of an
interested and sympathetic recipient!

Got a busy day today - lots of stuff to do at the University.
(I'm already in the office!)  Then, I've got to pack and prepare
myself for this retreat the Professor has organized - I'm leaving
very early on Wednesday morning and not back until late on Friday.

Got to get on with work now.  Licks and kisses, long and wet and
luxurious, Paula xx

First voice: "Did she just write a second time, rather than waiting for a response?"

Second voice: "Yeah. She’s not done that before. I wonder why?"

Third voice: "And using more material from the masturbation sequence."

Hi Paula,

What a treat to wake up this morning. My precious Rach snuggled
in close to me, turn on my computer and find a lovely note from

I find everything you are doing so exciting and refreshing. You
truly are a special person.

Our day didn't vary at lot from the norm after we talked. We went
to dinner, then to the grocery store so I might actually be able
to cook a meal here for us someday! After dinner we had a long,
luxurious bath. It’s sort of a ritual and always a very special
part of my day.

I realize writing about our day, our lives are not very exciting
for the reader, but to me, and I believe, to Rach, it is the most
special life in the world. Our minds just seem to go together. I
guess it boils down to the fact that I'm immature and she's very
mature tends to put us on the same wavelength. I don't know.

She woke up a few minutes after I started typing this and bent
over and gave me the most wonderful kiss you can possible imagine.
And then she just laid over me and hugged me so close. Oh I love 
the warmth of that.

I hope your preparations for your retreat go well.

I went to sleep with you on my mind, and I had a most wonderful
orgasm with you last night. Of course someone else special was
there too.

I hope I hear from you later.  Licks and kisses, LoriAnne 

Third voice: "Time to draw this to a tidy end, yes?"

First voice: "OK. So how is she going to break it off?"

Second voice: "PAULA will use the retreat as an excuse, I expect."


Please, please don't worry about what you write to me.  I'm
delighted to hear about the details of your life with Rach 
and I was so very pleased that I made such an impact with her.
Give her a great big hug from me.  She really is a very lucky
girl, and charming, and gifted, and loving.

I have been trying to form a mental picture of you emerging
from your bath, wet and dripping, your skin glowing from the
cleansing suds.  I wish I was there to towel you dry.

I am also so very glad to hear that you are not ignoring your
own needs as a grown woman, a sexual person.  I would really,
really like to help you, to understand your needs and desires,
your wants and requirements.  I'll certainly tell you more
about mine, too, if you like.

I must find some more photos for you - I'm sure I've got some
pictures on my computer.  I will have a look this evening.

Perhaps I can even find my camera.  I must be around somewhere
but I’m not sure whether it still works.  It got a bit battered
on that trip to the Lake District.  But I'd like to be able to
take some extra special snaps just for you.

Anyway, I must get back to work and then prepare for my retreat.
It's such a pleasure to be able to break off for a few minutes
and think about you.

Your dear friend, Paula.

--- Transcript ends ---

Second voice: "Is that it? That’s not from any of the scripted endings."

First voice: "There’s no more. That last email came back undelivered. Lori Anne’s mail account’s been removed."

Second voice: "So what’s going on?"

Third voice: "I think we've been gamed by a sock-puppet."

First voice: "Oh, fuck! Look at her initials: LA. It’s the Linguistic Analysis research group from Carnegie-Mellon University."

Second voice: "You’re right. So no real people involved at all?"

Part 2

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