The meeting point for the picnic party was the plaza just outside our local Metro station. Renie and I were almost the last to arrive, made just a minute or two late by our extended shower. Our bus was already waiting, but fortunately everyone else was still standing on the sidewalk when we rounded the corner of the street.

Apart from Renie and myself, there were eight people boarding. Only one I recognized immediately: Little Lil waved gaily when she saw us approach, the bunches of her blonde hair tied with pink ribbons waggling as she nodded her head. Lil is a Lolita - a Kind not seen so very frequently and one still likely to cause a stir. She is almost prepubescent in appearance, with a slender body and the merest bumps for breasts, although of course she is as old and sexually experienced as anyone these days. Still, she likes to play on her child-like appearance, and the pink ribbons and gingham summer dress are all part of the game.

Steve, Renie's boyfriend, sauntered up, approaching from the other direction as we arrived.

"Did you have a successful evening?" Renie greeted him enthusiastically.

"Business-wise, sure did," he replied, looking hungrily at her breasts bouncing happily in her tight cheerleaders top, "But it left a few other things to be desired."

As they embraced, kissing passionately, I watched as Steve slipped a hand under her short skirt. I could see the pleats bulge as her cock hardened under his caresses.

"Come on, you too," I said to get their attention, "Don't want to be left behind."

We scrambled up the steps, the door closing automatically behind us. Externally, our vehicle was deliberately made to resemble a Greyhound bus from the Internal Combustion era of long ago - at least judging by pictures I have seen - although inside it was entirely modern. The vehicle moved silently and drove itself, moving off smoothly along the quiet roads towards our picnic destination.

Inside, rather than rather cramped seating for fifty or more people, which might have been expected in ancient times, this bus was much more spacious and luxurious. Soft carpeting, banquette seating and mountains of cushions provided comfortable and relaxing surroundings for up to a dozen people, while the mirrored windows kept out the glare of the sun and the gaze of bystanders - as if anyone really worried about that kind of thing these days, of course.

As the bus set off, Renie and Steve lost no time in re-establishing their acquaintances with each other's bodies, immediately annexing a low couch in one corner of the coach. Renie scooped her ample breasts from the constraints of her halter top and pressed the nipples to Steve's mouth one after the other, which he sucked and nuzzled greedily. It seemed that they had missed each other desperately, and lost no time in stripping off their clothes and sucking each other's dicks to rampant hardness. Their evident sexual needs awakened my own appetites - never very far away anyway - and I turned my attentions to getting to know the others in the party.

Sitting opposite me was Alice, a curvaceous black woman with full lips and her hair a mass of tiny plaits each ending in a colored wooden bead. She was dressed in a brightly-colored and patterned robe, a Kanga, no doubt modeled on the tribal clothing that at least some of her ancestors would have worn in the heat of the African plains. She had most impressive tits - the nipples protruding visibly though the thin fabric - and an even more impressive fanny. She looked directly at me as Lil spoke, eyes flashing, clearly inviting me to enjoy her voluptuous form very soon.

Alice was flanked by two large men, both of whom clearly wanted to experience those curves for themselves. Charlie and Bear were both muscular and heavily built, with tanned skin and tufts of chest hair emerging from their open-necked Hawaiian shirts. Bear had a mane of curly dark hair cascading over his shoulders, while Charlie was entirely bald - whether shaven or genetically modified I could not tell.

Alice shifted in her seat, leaning towards Bear and pressing her tits against his arm, while sliding her fanny onto Charlie's lap. He reacted eagerly by running his hands over the curves of her ass, while Bear responded to her invitation by kissing her lips and running his hands over her breasts. After a few moments, her diaphanous robe loosened itself and slipped unnoticed to the floor, allowing me - and the other observers - to appreciate just how sexy her body really was.

Next to Lil sat two identical men. The twins, Theodore and Edward, were apparently known to everyone as Teddy and Eddie. She and the boys had also been watching Alice entertain the two men opposite, but now turned their attention to me. I was particularly taken with the twins, each dressed in tight blue jeans that accentuated their narrow waists and flat stomachs - not to mention the taut curves of their asses and bulging packages - and sleeveless muscle shirts in white (Eddie) and tan (Teddy). I could see that Little Lil was also very interested in the boys, and it was not surprising that she and I ended up tag-teaming.

It was not long before Lil and I were kneeling and naked, and had the twins standing before us, us girls racing to unfasten the jeans. Lil finished ahead by a few seconds by the time I yanked down Teddy's pants; then I had quite a surprise - both Teddy and Eddie had two cocks, each!

I gasped, then glanced at Lil, who flashed back a wicked grin with a dick in each hand before returning to the task of alternately sucking the two penises. Following suit, I set to work on Teddy, wanking both cocks in synchronization before deep-throating each in turn. Lil joined me, sucking one of Teddy's cocks while I worked on the other. I could see Eddie standing very close, masturbating with both hands, alternately pulling back on first his left and then his right foreskin, both cocks now pointing rigidly skywards.

I had not come across this Kind before. Taking a moment to catch our breath before moving to give Eddie a dual blowjob, Lil whispered that they were Jos├ęs - a reference, I would later discover from the automation, to some old joke I did not really get.

At the time, all I knew was that I wanted as many of these dicks inside me, very soon. The boys seemed to sense this, too. Guided by their urgent pressure, I lay on my back on the low couch, spreading and bending my legs to give maximum access to all my openings.

Lil is such a friend. It was she who guided Eddie's two cocks into the openings between my legs, having fingered my cunt and liberally licked my anus as the head of the second penis pressed against my sphincter. Meanwhile I guided one of Teddy's dicks into the cunt between my breasts - I was almost sure he had not noticed that sexual opening until a second before he had plunged into me - and I slid the other back into my mouth.

The boys pounded away, instinctively moving in near-synchronization. I could see Lil fingering herself furiously as she watched me being fucked by four dicks. Teddy came first in my chest cunt, wild and hard, and his jerking reaction pulled his other cock from my mouth.

Lil seized the opportunity to take the last of the dicks herself, grabbing the available member with one hand and sitting on my breasts before guiding the hard cock inside herself. She bounced back and forth energetically, much to Teddy's amusement and mounting excitement, and I sensed he would come again in a moment - no, right now!

As Teddy's other penis, now softening, ran up and down between my tits, Eddie came simultaneously in my cunt and ass. I could feel the spurts of his juices inside me, filling me with his cum and making me cry aloud. My screams mingled with Lil's girlish exclamations, and I could sense her orgasmic contractions in her belly against my face.

Definitely a ride to remember!

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