I woke and stretched luxuriously. I had fallen asleep on one of the recliners, under the shade of the trees edging the glade. After the highly enjoyable food and wine, and the even more enjoyable sex, I had collapsed in a state of ecstatic exhaustion.

Around me, my friends and companions were also dozing in the shade: some were lying together in a tangle of limbs and detumescent penises, while others lay alone, sheltered by the parasols we had commanded or protected by a colorful beach towel that a thoughtful friend had draped over them.

It was delightfully quiet and peaceful. I lay as still as I could, enjoying the gentle lapping of the lake water against the beach and the breeze in the trees. Unexpectedly I heard noises emanating from the foliage behind me - low voices accompanied by the unmistakable soundtrack of live sex.

On a whim, I sprang up from the daybed, feeling very much rested and just a little horny after my nap, and made my way quietly through the bushes which surrounded our miniature glade. A Norm, especially one who was completely naked, might have been badly scratched by thorns and briars, but the tough skin on my arms and legs protected me from any harm.

I stopped before I reached the next clearing, squatting down just behind a low hedge that demarcated the boundary of another of the little glades so carefully maintained by the automation.

The noises were coming from a threesome not far from my observation post. A slender pale-skinned figure was lying on her side, quite naked, on a portable sun-lounger with her back towards me. An athletic-looking man with long dark hair and and delightfully tanned - and very taut - buttocks was holding one of her legs in the air, and was fucking her enthusiastically in the ass. I had a splendid view of her gaping backdoor as the tanned beach-boy withdrew his stiff member for a moment. He ran his helmet up and down over her ass cheeks teasingly before plunging back deep inside her.

A second man, black-skinned and white-haired, was enjoying the moist delights of her mouth. Her face was turned away, but it was apparent that she was completely bald - no hair on her head anywhere. She was alternately sucking energetically on the second man's dick and wanking him hard with one hand, and her other hand was gripping the man's balls, firming his erection, no doubt, as well as making sure he did not get away.

The two men - both Norms as far as I could tell - changed places, the black man swapping her mouth for her anus. She rolled onto her back as they moved around her. Her torso was particularly slender and muscular, with no visible breasts, although she did have delectably large nipples with a dark aurora around them. She also had an exceptionally hard and tight ass - even more so than me. No wonder the boys were going at her with such abandon.

The black man gripped her by her ankles and lifted both legs high into the air, separating them widely. As he stood admiring the view, I realized that the lady had no equipment between her legs - no cock, no cunt, just smooth unbroken skin. She was an Andie - short for Androgynous - one without either defining male or female characteristics, and as equidistant between the two traditional genders as it was possible to be.

As I watched, she gaped her anus again, the black man's dick visibly stiffening still further as she did so. He leaned forward, sliding into her opening and smoothly pressing down until his entire length - a very decent one, in my informed opinion - was embedded deeply inside her. She looked as if she would have cried out if her mouth had not been so thoroughly filled with tanned cock.

The two men swapped places again. As they moved, he turned her head in my direction, looking up and reaching urgently for the black man's penis, and jerking it hard several times before guiding it to her mouth.

Now that she faced me, I realized that I recognized the Andie. Her name, I remembered immediately, was Kim and we had been close friends for a long period several decades ago. She had moved away, for reasons I now forget, and I had missed her humor and wisdom for months afterwards. We had often double-dated, Kim joking that this arrangement provided, on average, the right number of cunts to entertain our companions.

From a very intimate inspection, I knew that Kim had nothing between her legs except a tiny slitted stub - almost like another nipple. I am always curious about such matters, and she had explained something about her design. She was genetically hairless - not even eyebrows - and she had glands capable of lubricating her rear opening much like the cunt juices I had in such abundance. All of the usual sexual nerve endings and pleasure centers were wired to her mouth and, more particularly, her anus, and she was capable of frequent and intense orgasms from anal sex.

The virtuoso performance was being watched closely by two women, lying side-by-side on an over-size sun-lounger shaded by a canopy. They were fingering themselves and each other's clits lavisciously, alternatively squeezing their own breasts and nipples, and sucking on the other's tits, at all times taking care that both could watch the antics on the sun-lounger in front of them.

My own hand had already drifted downwards, taking advantage of the the access my squatting position afforded and the sudden wetness of my own vagina. As my fingertips touched my own clit, I bit my bottom lip stifling a moan of pleasure.

As my attention returned to Kim and her friends, I saw that she had stopped sucking the black dick and appeared to be saying something pleadingly. The men's faces broke into wide grins and they nodded together.

The tanned man lifted Kim up, helping her to her feet, and then rapidly positioning himself on the lounger. Kim turned around and the dark-haired man guided her on top of him, smoothly sliding his cock back into her ass. Impressively, he was able to resume his energetic pounding immediately, forcing her body upwards by the thrusting motions of his hips.

The other man stood watching for a few moments, moving his hand up and down over his dick, no doubt still lubricated with Kim's saliva. Taking advantage of a pause in his friend's pumping action, he effortlessly slid his member into Kim's ass, synchronizing his thrusts with those of the other man.

Kim started moaning, crying out loudly now that her mouth was unfilled. Her expressions of pleasure got louder, and her convulsions made it obvious that she was having an orgasm. The two men came too, almost simultaneously, and I could plainly see the cum from both Kim's gentlemen admirers mingling with her own juices.

The two men withdrew, politely thanking her for the attentions, although her body language made it plain that Kim was not done for just yet, not by a long way. The two women obviously recognized this, as they both stood and moved over to the sunlounger, one of them briskly motioning the men-folk to take a seat.

One of the girls, dark-skinned and equipped with a fabulously large pair of tits, lifted Kim's head and shoulders and cradled her in her bosom. Kim could not even gasp her appreciation before a taut nipple was thrust into her mouth, although she was able to reach up and grasp the other erect nipple between finger and thumb.

The other woman, a curvaceous redhead with a muscular look about the shoulders - as if she did a lot of long-distance swimming - knelt between Kim's legs. The redhead must have realized that Kim was both achingly wide-open and incredibly wet, and lost no time in slipping all four fingers into the Andie's asshole. Soon, she was fisting Kim, fitting all of her hand up to the wrist within the Andie's capacious opening, and managing to keep up a fast reciprocating movement that had Kim in paroxysms of pleasure.

I was momentarily distracted by a movement in the foliage on the opposite side of the clearing. There was another face in the bushes on the other side, a man's face, peering out and obviously engrossed in the performance. The movement of the leaves suggested that he was masturbating - just as I was, of course - while watching the energetic group in the glade.

Just at that moment, Kim's screams got louder and more frantic. I turned to watch appreciatively her gasping orgasm. I could see her buck and thrash against the large black breasts that cradled her head. Even from this distance, I could tell that the sphincter muscles in her ass were spasming violently around the other woman's wrist.

I came too, a willy-nilly, a few seconds later, rubbing my clit with the juices from my own vagina, biting harder on my lip to ensure I stayed silent. As the little orgasm rippled though me, I sagged to the ground, unable to support the squatting position any longer.

By the time I was in any kind of state to pay attention, the other individual in the bushes had disappeared. It struck me that there was something odd about the face, something unusual. Finally, it occurred to me just what it was: the man looked old.

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