Back to work. As I emerged from the wet room, I happened upon a couple - a man and a woman - who were inspecting a selection of penis extenders in a display cabinet. The racks displayed a range of black cylinders of different lengths and widths, featureless down the sides with one end finished in a plain hemisphere and the other flattened, with a tiny dimple in the center.

"Can I help you with those?" I asked brightly.

The woman, a short and curvaceous figure with jet-black hair and white - almost translucent - skin, turned to face me.

"We're not sure which one to pick," she said.

Her partner was much taller than her, and a little on the skinny side, I thought. He nodded his agreement with her expressed sentiment, looking distinctly confused by the choice available.

"You should follow the Golden Rule," I said, grinning, "The Marquis Doll Rule of penis sizes."

"What's that?" the man asked.

"You always want a dick bigger than you think," I replied mischievously, "Even when you take into account the Marquis Doll Rule."

The woman laughed aloud.

"You're so right, honey," she said, adding, "It seems so obvious when you explain it like that."

The man was grinning too. He selected a particular cylinder from the rack and held it up for inspection.

"What do you think, Darlin'?"

"Looks perfect to me," she replied, "Why don't you bring it over here."

I directed the two guests to a nearby private room, figuring that they would want to take advantage of the selected toy immediately. As they entered, they divested themselves of their towels - I think they had themselves just emerged from one of the pools in the wet room - and tossed them aside. I could see that there was something hidden in the woman's hand, although I could not make out exactly what it was.

"Come over here, sweetie," she said seductively, addressing her friend and indicating a soft leather-look couch, "And make yourself comfortable."

She playfully pushed him down on on the seat, then pounced on his rapidly hardening manhood, licking the head energetically before plunging her mouth over his erection. The man arched his back in pleasure, thrusting his pelvis forward to keep his dick deep in her throat.

"Can I help, too?" I enquired politely after appreciatively watching the cocksucker at work for a minute or two.

The woman stopped sucking his penis for long enough to answer.

"Sure can, honey," she gasped, "I know he just loves it when he gets thoroughly attended to."

I knelt beside her and helped the woman suck her boyfriend's cock, alternately licking his balls and deep-throating him, enjoying the sensation of its warm stiffness in my mouth. This, of course, had the desired effort of getting his hard and erect. It was nicely shaped but, speaking with professional experience, not particularly large.

The penis extenders are another of the special features the Club offers its members. Sensing the moment was right, I picked up the toy the couple had selected earlier and pressed the dimpled end over the end of the man's rigid dick. The automation in the device awoke immediately and a swirling movement of silver ran along its sides. The toy opened up and slid over his erection, while the outer surface immediately formed a faithful representation of the man's dick in shape and color and texture, but now - to the visible delight of the woman - several sizes larger.

"I need that inside me," she purred, running her hand over his suddenly enlarged dick, "Right now."

She picked up the items that she had hidden in her hand earlier and showed them to me.

"Perhaps you help us with these, too?" she suggested.

She was holding two sets of anal beads. One was in Dayglo-pink plastic, soft and flexible. I gently took it from her hands and examined it with interest; it seemed old and was quite probably a genuine antique.

"This must be worth a fortune," I breathed, eyes sparkling. I was thrilled to be handling something so very old and valuable.

"It's a family heirloom," she explained coyly, seeing my acute interest, "My father gave it to me one night long ago - and very intimately, too."

I moved to return the precious sex toy to her, but she demurred.

"I promised that one to him this evening."

The other set of beads were modern, made from the same automation-infused pseudo-material as the penis extenders. I reached for it, knowing what to expect. The automation sensed me picking it up, started moving, twitching, seeking an orifice to invade, and looking very much like the tail of some warlike and reptilian alien. It was another of the Club's more popular items, a prime example of the Penetraz (TM) range.

"And I suppose you want this one, then?"

"Oh, yes," she replied, grinning wickedly at me.

With just a little encouragement, the woman knelt down on the floor, pressing her tits and face into the soft surface of the couch. She spread her legs wide, allowing me to hold her ass cheeks apart. I licked her anus, forcing the tip of my tongue inside her, before swinging my tongue down over her clitoris a time or two. I slipped first one finger, then two, into her cunt, then repeated the same digital penetration on her anus.

I was closely watched by the man, who was wanking his extended dick with much appreciation both of the toy itself and the view of my fingers and tongue stretching both of the woman's openings.

The automated beads were now writhing frantically, exuding its own glistening lubrication. I pressed the tip against the woman's anus, admiring the juxtaposition of her white skin and the metallic silver-and-black of the penetrator. The automation moved at lighting speed, burying nearly its full length in her ass and causing her to cry out with pleasure.

"Now, Darlin’, now," she called to the man.

He slipping his extended dink in her cunt, already moist and open for him, pressing deep into her immediately and making her cry out again. The automatic beads were pulsing visibly, and I was sure he could feel their vibrations through both her body and the penis extender.

I thoroughly moistened the inert beads in my mouth, then eased them into the man's anus, moving skillfully - even if I do say so myself - with his vigorous and rhythmic thrusts.

I knew I would not have long to wait. The woman was already close to coming, the thrusting in her cunt and the vibration in her ass driving her to paroxysms of pleasure. The man too was working his way up to a huge orgasm. I watched them closely, waiting for the moment, the first flushes of their joint orgasm. As they screamed at their loudest, I withdrew both sets of anal beads in a series of jerks, vicariously enjoying their pleasure - and feeling just a tiny bit frustrated myself.

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