The Chromium Shaft Club is a fun place to work, exciting and sexy most of the time, but it can also be both exhausting and frustrating, watching and helping - often, in the most intimate ways possible - other people getting their rocks off. Unsurprisingly, by the time I get back to our little flat after a four hour shift at the Club, I often feel more than a little tense.

On this occasion, Renie was already home. She gave me one long concerned look as I fell in at the door.

"I know just what you need," she said, holding my hands and kissing me gently, "You go and take a nice shower, and then I'll see what I can do to make you feel better."

I smiled wanly, appreciating Renie's kind thoughts. I dropped my little purse in the corner, tossed the uniform jacket and skirt at the wall - the automation made it disappear as soon as my back was turned - and stepped into the shower room.

When I returned to the main room ten minutes later, showered and dried, my dear friend had re-arranged the furniture - with a little help from the PA, of course. On a low table to one side, there was a steaming glass of that meaty drink that is my regular beverage. Next to it was a plate of hot savories, my favorites, high in the fats and protein my metabolism craves. In one smooth movement, I dropped my towel and sat naked and cross-legged on the cushion that Renie had placed before attacking the foodstuffs ravenously.

As I ate, I looked around at the other arrangements Renie had made. The futon had been moved to the center of the room, and a large and fluffy towel had been laid across it. A little bottle of my favorite massage oil stood open to one side. The room lights were down low and, sensing Renie's subliminally expressed requirements, the automation had provided gently flickering lighting at floor level around the futon.

I demolished the snacks in record time - I do not usually need to eat very much, but my antics at the Club had put an edge on my appetite this evening. Renie had joined me at the table, sitting on another cushion and sipping at one of the herb-smelling infusions she enjoys. We chatted while our drinks cooled. I told her something of my encounters at the Club: Lady Jane squirting on me, the couple with the antique anal toy, and my unidentified admirer outside my shower cubicle.

Renie reciprocated with tales from her day-job at the local Hair and Beauty Clinic: the dizzy brunette who made her move a tattoo from one buttock to the other - "it's smoother there," he insisted; the regular who wanted her pubic hair trimmed into the shape of her boyfriend's cock - she had brought in a 3D-photo of the item in question; and the Andie who wanted her nipples enlarged and darkened. The chat, interspersed with gossip about our mutual friends and acquaintances, flowed until the hot drinks were cooled and consumed. Renie put her cup down meaningfully.

"Now, why don't you go and lie down over there?" she asked, indicated the futon.

I drained the last of my soup, then sprawled face-down on the towel she had arranged. Renie knelt beside me, arranging a pillow for my head. Then, she reached for the bottle of scented oil, warming a little in the palms of her hands. She was herself already naked - we rarely wear clothes around the flat.

"Now relax, Honey," she said soothingly.

She straddled me, kneeling over the small of my back and sitting back so that her ass cheeks pressed against mine. She set to work, massaged my neck and shoulders with her strong and capable hands. I groaned frequently as her hands released the tension in my joints and muscles, as well as enjoying the sensation of Renie's dickgirl cock and her pussy lips running over the base of my spine.

She steadily worked her way down my back, pressing firmly around each vertebra, and relentlessly seeking out and pummeling any knotted muscles. Soon, though, he oiled hands were running over my ass. I arched my back appreciatively and spread my legs wider. Renie gently made me lift up my middle so that she could arrange a second cushion underneath. Now she could give the strong muscles in my thighs a thorough work-over.

My groans and sighs grew louder as Renie teasingly began to run her strong and slippery fingers between my legs, over my anus and vagina. Finally she got both hands on my cunt, which was where she knew I really wanted them. Her oiled fingers slipped inside of me, sliding smoothly in and out at a rate guaranteed to bring me off quickly. With her other hand, she stimulated my clit at exactly twice the rate.

I came hard, and long, screaming into the pillow under my face while my muscles spasmed around Renie's fingers. And then, seconds later, I was stretched out on the futon, fast asleep.

Part 3 Volume 6: Jell-O and Cream