"No, Savannah, not another word out of you unless you are spoken to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," is all she can murmur.

He reaches down and pulls on the chain to her clamps, savoring the moan this elicits from her as her nipples are stretched against the leather.

"Lift your skirt up over your hips, slut."

Savannah slides the tight leather up to her waist, and gasps as he roughly forces a finger deep into her cunt without warning.

"You are such a slut, Savannah, you are soaking wet. You are so perfect for this position."

He slides his finger into her mouth for her to clean off, and she licks and sucks on it greedily, cleaning every drop of her wetness from it.

"Lie back and place your feet on either side of my legs," he says from above her. "I want to watch you finger-fuck yourself."

She hesitates out of shyness, and he pulls on her leash sharply. "NOW, Savannah. Do as I tell you."

"Yes, Master," she replies properly, lying back and spreading her legs widely, propping her heels up on either side of his chair. He sits back with his drink and watches his slut run her finger hesitantly down over her cunt, finding her clit, stroking gently.

"More, my slut, show me what you've done so many times in your life when nobody's watching."

She closes her eyes and tries to forget he's watching. Two fingers grasp her clit firmly, stroking in rhythm for her pleasure. She slides her fingers down to her cunt, keeping her thumb on her clit. "Shove your fingers in, slut," he commands, and she does, feeling her hips start to buck and gyrate, heading toward the release of orgasm.

"Don't even think of coming without my permission, Savannah. You will never come again in your life without asking me first."

He strokes her ankles and stockinged calves while she fingers herself, finally whispering to him, "May I please come for you, my Master?"

"Yes, baby, you may," He watches as she writhes to her first orgasm of the night, and he pulls her legs closer to him as she comes, giving him a perfect view of his slut in ecstasy at his feet.

After she relaxes for a minute, he removes her heels, and orders her to roll over on her stomach.

"Spread your legs wide for me, slut."

She rolls over, crying out at the pain of the nipple clamps pressed into the floor. He adds his weight on top of her back, running his hands through her hair, toying with her collar and leash, and then pulls her hands roughly over her head, tying them together with her leash. He moves down over her beautiful legs, tying each ankle to a chair leg. She's immobile, and she's suddenly scared again. His voice and his actions are so different tonight, so rough and so powerful. He lays his still clothed body back down on top of her, pressing the clamps into the rug.

"Savannah," he whispers in her ear, "You are mine. Your body exists for my pleasure. I will love you or caress you or hurt you as I desire. You only have to obey. Do you belong to me, my slut?"

"Yes, Master," she whispers in return, trying to turn her head to see into his eyes. She feels safer with him on top of her, and hopes he will stay right there and protect her.

"I want you to lie here and feel these sensations for a while, Savannah, feel your submission, feel the pressure of the clamps, let yourself go completely to where you belong, under my power."

He stands up and strides from the room, leaving her gasping for him on the floor.

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