When he finally returns, she is in another space, no longer in control of anything, desiring only to have him back with her, to feel his touch upon her. "Oh god, Master..." she starts to moan, and he promptly smacks her ass with his hand. "Don't speak unless you're spoken to, slut."

He kneels over her back, caressing her, reassuring her. He pulls her hips up into the air, and reaches underneath her to pinch the nipple clamps, listening to her rising moans. He asks her if she'd like him to remove them.

"Oh god, yes, Master," she whispers.

He quickly pulls them off both nipples before she is ready, and she screams loudly at the release and the intense pain.

"Baby, I love the sound of you screaming," he tells her, smiling.

He takes one of the clamps and inserts it into her pussy, clamping the other end of the chain to her labia. Each time she moves she can feel the clamp inside of her moving also.

"Keep your ass in the air, slut, your ass needs to be ready for me."

He spreads her cheeks, and lubricates a large plug. He starts slowly, inserting the tip as she writhes and loosens up bit by bit, and then he inserts it further into her tight ass. "Take a deep breath slut," he tell her, and he shoves the large plug in to the hilt, leaving only the base flush against her cheeks. She squirms with pain and with pleasure.

"Lay back down flat again," he says, pushing her down. She lays with her ass plugged and her labia clamped and her hands leashed and her stockinged legs spread, and she now knows she is completely under her Master's control. This is total submission, which has always been both her desire and her fear.

She hears the zipper of her dress come down, and it's off, and she is now bare for him. He stops and feeds her more wine from his mouth, and then runs his mouth down her neck and her back, licking and kissing and biting.

"Savannah, ask me to use the riding crop on you. You need to be marked for your Master."

"Oh god, no," she groans.

He rotates the plug in her ass and pulls on her leash.

"Slut, do you belong to me?"

"Yes, Master," she groans, whimpering from the sensations.

"Then ask. NOW."

"Oh god, oh god.....Master....will you please use the riding crop on me?" she barely whispers.

"Oh yes, baby, I will. I will do whatever I wish with your beautiful body."

She feels him removing her white stockings, baring her legs to him. The anticipation is unbearable, and her mind starts to float away from her physical body, leaving her only with the desire to submit to him completely. Finally, she feels the leather from the black riding crop run slowly down her back, teasing her, warning her.

The first stroke is gentle across her ass, as he stands over her with power and force. The next stroke is harder, and she moans, sure that he won't go very far with this. But he is on fire with his desire and domination of her. The strokes fall rapidly across her ass, from side to side, and he always pauses between strokes to hear her sighs and moans. When she's sure her ass can bear no more, he moves up to her back, and then down to her thighs, covering her body from top to bottom with his mark. She bites her lip to try and not cry out, but the pain is too intense, and her moans dissolve into screams, and then her screams dissolve into tears and crying, knowing this is what they both crave, her complete submission to him.

When her tears are flowing freely, he stops. He removes the plug, picks her up and spreads her tender red cheeks and places the tip of his cock on her tight asshole. Leaning over her sore back, holding her hard by her hair and by her leash, he whispers, "Savannah, you belong to me. I claim you as my slave, my love, my submissive, my property."

His cock enters her ass, just the tip, holding her hips in place. "Fuck my cock, my slut, let me feel you..." and she is out of control with desire, pushing back against him, taking his cock fully inside her ass, fucking him as he fucks her so hard, fucking as though nothing exists but her Master and his cock and her desire to serve him, fucking for his complete power. He collapses his weight on her tender back, but she doesn't care, he's fully on top of her, grinding her into the floor, owning her, loving her, coming deep inside her ass and filling her with his cum.

He holds her there under him for a very long time, and when he releases all of her bonds and carries her gently to the bed, she can only whisper, "Thank you, Master", while he smiles at how surprised she'll be to find out what he has in store for her in the morning.

Part 2