After they dealt the next hand and showed their cards, Susan giggled and said, "Looks like this is it."

She stood up, unzipped her dress and faced Chuck. He rose as well, put his hands on her shoulders, and slowly pulled the dress down her arms. It slid easily downwards, spilling out her perfect, high, round breasts. She stood perfectly still, just shivering slightly as he grazed his lips over her nipples. He let his mouth follow the dress, breathing softly on her stomach as it was gradually revealed. Then he pulled the dress further down, over her hips. A pair of tiny red panties was all she wore underneath. The dress tumbled down around her feet and Chuck cupped the cheeks of her ass in his hands, gently kneading them as he planted soft, wet kisses across the tops of her thighs. Susan moaned softly, moving her hips towards him. Chuck could see a growing wet spot on the front of her panties, but he released his grip on her hips and sat down again. With the promise of more to come, he was in no hurry.

Renee lost her bra on the next hand, and Chuck whistled appreciatively as she released her big breasts from the black lace. The white skin of her breasts was in stark contrast to the golden tan that covered the rest of her body. Renee blushed deeply and crossed her arms over her breasts as she sat back down.

Jennifer's luck ran out on the next hand and she stood with her hands on her hips and her fingernails in the waistband of her powder-blue panties. She turned away from Chuck and bent over showing him the curves of her ass as she pulled the lacy fabric down her silky thighs. When her panties were at her feet, she stepped out of them, spread her legs apart and ran her hands between her thighs and up to her crotch. Chuck could see her fingers rubbing between her legs and smell her musky scent. Jennifer moaned softly and shuddered with a small climax.

"Now it's time to explain the next phase of the game," declared Susan.

Chuck looked at her expectantly, curious about what he was in for now.

"Up to now, the loser's just had to undress. But what happens if you're already stark naked and you lose again?"

While listening to her, he let his gaze wander downwards, over her round breasts with their erect nipples, down to the still concealed patch between her legs, and up to her breasts again.

"What happens is that you draw another card, and count around the circle to your right, until you reach the number on the card. If it's your first naked penalty you spend exactly one minute kissing whoever sits at that spot. Just kissing, mind you, no necking and fondling. The the second time, you lose, that person may touch you anywhere with their hands, while you just stand completely passive. The third time, he or she may use tongue and mouth on you. And if you lose a fourth time" - she looked Chuck straight in the eyes - "you pick your partner and do whatever they want to do with you."

"And what happens if I loose again?" Chuck asked.

Susan paused and smiled.

"Then everybody jumps on top of you, and stays there until you've satisfied them all."

Chuck felt a mounting excitement as he dealt the cards for the next round. He looked around at the four girls: Jennifer, totally nude and very sexually aroused; Susan in her tiny red panties, with a mischievous smile on her lips; Lori, in her pink camisole and g-string, and Renee, in just her black bikini panties, still a bit shy, younger and perhaps less experienced than the others. Renee met his eyes as he smiled at her, and Chuck received a soft, appealing smile in return before she blushed and looked away.

Lori's pink camisole was the next to go, and she stood facing Chuck and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She grabbed the lacy hem of her camisole in both hands and slowly pulled it up over her head and playfully tossed it at Chuck. With a toss of her blonde hair, she moved even closer to Chuck and rotated her hips in a sexy bump and grind right in his face.

And now it was Chuck's turn to lose his boxers. Jennifer was chosen for the honor. She put her hands inside his shorts, taking a firm hold of his dick and releasing it from captivity. She pulled his boxer shorts further down, herself kneeling at the same time, letting her full breasts slide over his raging hard-on, ending up with her lips wrapped around his cock for a quick kiss.

"Ooooh, look at that," exclaimed Susan, "I can't wait to get my hands on it!"

"Just your hands, Susan?" asked Lori teasingly.

But Chuck wasn't paying attention to them, he was looking at Renee, who sat transfixed, staring straight at his erect prick, unable to tear her eyes away from it, a look of desire mixed with apprehension on her face.

She was still staring intently while the next round was played, and didn't look up until Jennifer told her:

"Snap out of your dreams, Renee -- you lost. Time for a hot strip tease!"

Renee hesitated, started to pull off her black silk panties, then changed her mind and walked over to Chuck. She stood shivering in front of him, not looking him in the eyes. He gently reached out to her, put his hands around her waist, pulling down the black silk panties slowly, carefully. She stood naked before him, her long, dark hair cascading down her back. Just the faintest wisp of black hair covered her pussy, the thin, rose-colored lips clearly visible. Still not looking at him, she hesitantly reached out and touched his penis, then quickly withdrew her hand and sat down again.

Chuck checked his breathing. Renee's golden skin, as well as her evident timidity, were an irresistible combination. He just had to have her, before the night was over. But for now he had to content himself with looking, and wait for the luck of the cards to bring him his opportunity.

Susan's pair of tens wasn't enough to win the next round and she stood up in just her tiny red bikini panties. She pulled them down over her hips in one brisk motion, and let them fall to her feet. Her pubic hair was brown, thin and silky.

Lori was the next loser and she stood before Chuck to tug her pink g-string panties down her legs, an inch at a time, standing with her pussy right in front of Chuck's face, almost within reach of his tongue. He could smell her juices, strongly. This girl was hot! She stood there nude, with her legs spread wide, proudly displaying her splendid body. Her hips thrust forward, towards his face, and he grabbed her well-shaped ass and buried his tongue in her blonde, silky pubic hair.

"Oh no, none of that. Rationed pleasures, right?" said Susan, interrupting them.

Lori pulled back and sat down, but Chuck could hear her heavy breathing, and he still had her taste on his tongue.

Susan lost on the next round.

"Oh my", she exclaimed, drawing a card from the pack. It was a two.

She counted "Chuck one, Jennifer two... come on, Jennifer."

The two girls leaned forward, across Chuck, their lips meeting and joining for a deep kiss. The two pairs of breasts were swaying just a few inches from his face, occasionally touching. But 'no fondling' was the rule of the moment, tempting as it was to just reach out and grab a double handful. The girls broke their kiss after a minute, both slightly out of breath.

In the next round, Chuck was the loser - if loser was the right word at this stage. He drew his card, got an eight, and counted around the circle, ending up with Lori. She stood up and joined him for the kiss, pressing her body against his, french-kissing him intensively for the entire minute. His hard-on throbbed as it was squeezed against the smooth skin of her stomach. Susan was next. She looked flushed and excited as she drew her card, a ten, and counted - then her expression changed into a puzzled frown:

"But I count back to myself! Now what am I supposed to do?"

"Exactly as the rules say," replied Jennifer, "for one minute you must touch and caress the person your card indicates. So go ahead and touch yourself, Susan, right where it will do the most good."

Susan blushed, she was obviously not in the habit of masturbating in public - but as she laid down on her back, and slowly caressed her stomach and breasts, she couldn't hide her pleasure. Chuck watched, fascinated, as she moved one hand further down, spreading her legs and giving him a good look at her pussy before her hand reached her most sensitive parts, and a loud moan escaped from her lips. When the minute was up, Jennifer had to forcibly interrupt her and remove her hand, telling her:

"Our pleasures are rationed, my dear - that's part of the game."

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