The next card says, "Have 3 members of your sex draw straws, and spend at least a minute french kissing them."

They dig up some matches and all of the women pick one. Nancy, a red haired woman of about 24, (38-24-36, 5'10") wins. She grins and says that she always likes to win this part. She makes you sit on her lap and the host reminds you if you break the kiss you will lose the dare.

Nancy begins kissing you with great determination, and knowing that you have nothing much on beneath your dress, first fondles your breasts and then slides a hand under your skirt, right onto your mound, playing with your clit. You hold the kiss, but can't sit still with those experienced hands on your clit. She brings you to orgasm expertly, as you twist on her lap. When you break the kiss, the group applauds and you see that six minutes have passed.

Nancy keeps her hand on your throbbing cunt for a moment, and then you stand up. She still doesn't relinquish her grip until you have taken a few steps away.

Your breath is faster than before, as you watch the next round go on. A man looses his shorts exposing a thick hard-on. A second woman gives up her top. The woman with no top loses her skirt, leaving her with nothing. You wonder what will happen if they lose again.

Bob takes this moment to return to the room. The host asks him if he wants to stay. Staring at the breasts of the two women, Bob says yes. They tell him that he must answer five dares if he is to remain.

He gets the "Kiss three people of the oposite sex" dare and you are second, Nancy is third. You grope Bob as the first woman has, rubbing his cock through his trousers. Nancy does you one better, unzipping his fly and reaching inside. Bob doesn't get you (thinks you were number one). He loses four of the five leaving him standing there in his shorts, with his erection trying to poke its way out.

The host announces that things have gone far enough to bring out the really adult cards. You get the first. You are blindfolded and three pricks are put into your hands. You are amazed that you can't tell Bob's from the others. As everyone in the room looks on, you remove your top.

The naked woman loses her dare as well, and all of the men draw straws. The host tells her that she will have to sit on the lap of the winner for at least 5 minutes. You watch her sit on the winner's lap, as he carefully slips his prick into her dripping hole, wondering if that will be your penalty as well.

You all watch as the host times the woman. She tries not to react, as if her not moving would convince everyone that she is not really being screwed in front of everyone, but the man's slow stroking of her pussy causes her to begin to react after about three minutes. She is just getting into it when the host calls time and makes her get up. Everyone laughs at her reaction, as Nancy and the host pull her off the man's erect member.

Your next dare is to "Look at three women's breasts and then identify them while blindfolded and touching them only with your tongue."

Nancy quickly volunteers as do two other women. You look at their breasts, gauging their size and characteristics and then are blindfolded.

Your tongue makes contact with each breast in turn. You decide to try something and really give each of them a working over until they make some sound. The second woman is quiet until you use your teeth on her nipple and can't hold back her moan of pleasure. The third makes a moaning sound from the first lick.

You recognize Nancy as the first, and guess at the other two. You are right.

The Host calls you for a penalty. You used your teeth on one and he tells you to remove your skirt. He was going to go further, but you can see in his eyes that he finds your black and red garter belt very kinky. He tells you that you must keep it on, but that you will have to pay off penalties the same as the other nude players from now on.

He reaches into the penalty box and picks out an "ADULT" card. He doesn't show it to you, but has the three women read it. They slowly surround you and move you to the bed. Nancy sits down and the other two arrange you on her lap. The one whose breasts you bit, sits at your head so that your face rests on her mound and holds your arms so that you can't move.

The last one holds your legs and begins to play with your cunt. "She really is wet, Nancy," you hear her say as she begins to finger your clit and deeply probe you at the same time. Your hips involuntarily begin to squirm on Nancy's lap as Nancy delivers the first spank.

Nancy continues for a moment and then asks you, "How many was that?"

You don't know.

She says, "Then we'll start over."

Nancy continues spanking you while your cunt is being probed. You have kept count this time. At twenty you hear her say to the woman holding your arms, "Has she started licking yet?"

When she hears the "No." Nancy says, "We'll start again."

You bury your face in the cunt that belongs to a woman who you realize, you have no idea of her name.

When Nancy asks you again,"How many was that?" Your count was 23.

You guess that you've missed some and say, "Twenty-five."

Nancy says, "No. You'll have to do better, We'll start again."

You can hear the others in the group applaud and call out encouragement, not to you, but to your tormentors. You hear Paul also congratulating Nancy on the show she is making you put on.

At the same time the hands on your cunt have never slowed down. You have lost count of your orgasms, (there have been at least 5), and judging from the number of times the woman you are licking has grabbed your head, she has had at least 3.

The next time Nancy asks you te count you tell her 25 and she tells you you are right. She asks, "Sheila, are you satisfied?" to the woman at your head, and you hear her say, "For now, unless she's grown a dick." and the woman probing your love box also says she is done. Nancy tells you you must count out the next ten swats so that everyone in the room can hear and then thank her, Sheila, and Sandy by kissing their cunts.

You agree.

She takes over a minute to spank you ten times. You kiss Sheila's cunt without getting up and thank her. You get up and kiss Sandy's cunt and thank her, leaving Nancy's for last.

You spend about three minutes on Nancy until you hear her come and them thank her, and as you do you realize that you mean it. The experience was most gratifying.

Paul draws the next dare ...

Paul picks out a dare card and his reaction to reading it shows he didn't expect it.

"Using only your mouth, identify the cocks of three men while blindfolded."

He turns to you and says, "You know, I really don't want to do this."

You answer him, "You enjoyed watching me with 3 women. It's not going to hurt you, and besides think of what our host will think of as a penalty if you refuse."

He thinks for a moment and decides to try it. You're not sure which of your arguments convinced him.

You stare appreciatively at the three hard-ons that are displayed before the group. Paul is blindfolded, and you coax him by telling him that this is exciting you tremendously.

He is done in less than a minute, and only guesses one right.

The host asks you to help with his penalty.

Still blindfolded, he is forced to sit on the end of the bed. The remaining women in the room undress. Clothing is no longer a penalty. Each sits on his raging cock for exactly one minute. You are the fourth and Paul recognizes you by the stockings you are wearing if by nothing else and he begs you to stay long enough to let him come. You give him a throat clearing kiss, and leave on time as his hips buck towards you.

Nancy is the last one to slip onto his cock. She teases him mercilessly and leaves without letting him come.

You tell the host you will help with any penalties that he needs you to.

The host smiles at you and says that you will be welcome to join in on the next few ...

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