You see Nancy get the next card.

She seems amused. She reads the card out, "Pick out three men and handle their cocks. While blindfolded sit on their cocks and identify all three." She picks out three men from the group, but tells Paul that he's had too much recently and avoids him. She handles each cock until it is firm and is then blindfolded. She humps each one soundly, giving none of them a chance to come, though she is able to come on the third cock.

She guesses wrong and the general consensus is that she wanted to lose.

The host asks you to help. Nancy is tied down on her face on the bed so that her hips bend at the edge. Each man is to fuck her for exactly one minute. You are to stand near her and insert each prick. The host will time them. You are to withdraw each one (by the balls if necessary) at his signal.

You speak to Paul for a moment and take your station. You grasp the first of the 6 pricks that will enter Nancy's hole with both hands. Saying that it is necessary, you moisten it with your tongue, and then expertly insert it.

Just as she is beginning to move in time with her partner, the host signals you to end it. You gently grasp the prick and stop it's fucking motion.

You also moisten the second one with your warm mouth, putting it in and withdrawing it before she can get any satisfaction.

The third and fourth go the same way.

The host takes the fifth position, and you spend extra time on his cock, and mischievously ask him if he really wants you to stop.

He tells you that he'll let you continue later.

Paul is last. Nancy was thrusting her hips forcefully at the last two pricks, and you tease her by taking extra time opening the folds of her cunt for this last attack. Your finger slides across her clit as you open her. Paul enters her like the others, but after about 4 strokes, you have him pull out and with your help slide into her ass.

Paul is in for only the requisite minute when the host calls time. Nancy thrusts back her hips to try to keep his swolen member in place but to no avail.

The host asks for a vote on a special penalty for you. Nancy rolls over on her back, her hand slowly drifting towards her hungry snatch. No one votes against your special penalty.

The host blindfolds you so that you so that people can "Give you what you should get without your knowing who did what."

A blindfold is placed over your eyes, and several sets of hands push you down on the bed.

A cock prods against your mouth and you hungrily begin sucking on it. A second burries itself into your dripping cunt, but after about 4 strokes, slips out. You feel your ass cheeks being parted. In a single thrust he is in your ass.

Only the cock in your mouth prevents you from crying out.

You are rolled over on your side slowly so as not to dislodge either of the pricks fucking you and two mouths begin sucking on your breasts. You feel that at least one is a womans as you can feel no beard.

Someone crowds up to your sex and tries to enter you. After a second they succeed.

You feel as if a mob was fucking you all at once ...

The whole group has seemingly climbed on you. The cock in your mouth is pumping with abandon. The cock in your cunt is pumping away, but with some difficulty. The one in your ass is still penetrating you, but it's owner seems to be getting most of his stimulation from your heaves in reaction to the others on you.

The two mouths on your breasts alternate between teasing you and stimulating you as hard as you can take it. You are glad for the blindfold in a way. The extra stimulation would only be a diatraction.

Someone takes your hand and puts it in their cunt and begins rubbing off on your fingers, using them like a dildo. You are so overwhelmed by all this, you can only react. It is as if you have become an object, losing your will.

The cock in your mouth begins to pulse. Seconds later a milky stream spurts down your throat. You try to take it all, but some drips down your cheek.

Before you can recover a pussy is put in its place, and you try to lick it correctly. The pair sharing your ass and cunt seem to have reached a rhythm together, their pumping forcing you to come.

As you reach your second orgasm, you hear a cry and the man humping your cunt comes. As he slowly withdraws you can feel his semen slowly begin to run out of your hole. His partner in your ass continues to pump, if anything with more force now.

A face appears at your cunt and begins licking you out with a frenzy. The sensation of being ass-fucked and eaten together is a new one for you and you begin to come again.

Your hair is pulled and you try to keep up with the demands of the cunt in your face. A new cock appears in your hand and you begin rubbing it up and down.

One of the mouths on your nipples leaves and a rough pair of hands begins rubbing your entire breast, kneading it like dough.

Off to one side of the group, someone is asking to give you a REAL spanking.

The pussy you have been sucking on seems to force itself down harder. You lick it for all you are worth. Her thighs crush your face as she reaches orgasm.

A new cock quickly replaces it and forces its way into your mouth. You picture a line of people at each of your appatures, waiting for a turn. You also realize that you have lost any connection between these sexual organs and the people they are attached to. The blindfold has taken away everything but your ability to feel what is happening, and you admit to yourself, you had secretly hoped something like this would happen. You had been in a constant state of arousal since Nancy fingered you.

The man fucking your ass has seemingly reached a point of no return. He grabs your hips and takes charge of your movements. Seconds later you sense rather than feel him spurting deep into your core. He lays down next to you and you feel his cock soften, slowly slipping out of your ass. He slides away, leaving your backside exposed.

The mouth on your right breast is replaced by another rough hand. Your breasts are massaged in tandem now. One hand leaves and seconds later you feel something on your chest, in the valley between your breasts.

A hand spreads it arround and it seems to be hand lotion. Someone climbs on your stomach, slides up and places a hard cock between your oiled tits. His hands push your breasts together, making them into a cunt for him to fuck.

He goes after you with abandon.

The cock in your mouth goes away without shooting down your throat. The cock in your hand is replaced by a steamy cunt. Someone is kissing your mouth, a woman you think, her tongue snaking down your throat.

You can feel come leaking from your ass and cunt. The penis fucking your tits increases its speed.

Someone pulls your legs up. exposing your ass. Ten hard swats are spread over the next minute, though soemone's hand is now in your pussy, bringing you off.

The cock on your chest begins to spurt, come hits your face, dripping down. The woman kissing you must have been hit too, but she has continued tonguing you without a miss.

He gets off your chest. The mouth kissing you departs as does the finger in your snatch. You lay there exhausted for a moment.

After about a minute, the blindfold is removed. You are handed a towel and you pat yourself as you stare at the assembled group. You realize that your boy friend was one of them, and that you couldn't even tell him from the others.

The host tells you to thank each of them and tells you how. You kiss each woman's cunt and kiss and mouth each man's prick, thanking each of them.

Just them the door opens, "Where is every .... body? Boy was I in the wrong room!" the newcomer says.

Part 2