Without even noticing that I was doing it, I started rubbing myself through my shorts keeping time with my two naked friends on the bed. I never thought I could be turned on by watching girls, but I was. And after a while, I began to pinch my nipples in between fingering myself. Marie was sitting on the bed right next to Lucie and Julie masturbating up a storm.

Marie realized that I was looking right at her twat as she fingered herself and her face went bright red. But she didn't stop fingering herself, and she starred at me as I continued rubbing my crotch and pinching my nipples.

Finally I lost all fear and shyness and unzipped my shorts to get my hand inside my now wet panties, and I directly rubbed my clit. At that moment, I started feeling an orgasm coming over me and stood there in front of my friends trembling in pleasure. Not even the AC helped to cool me down. I pulled off my top and my bra, then lost my shorts and shoved my hand back into my panties.

Marie was totally naked by now and had moved closer to the two girls sitting on the bed. Our clothes were everywhere on the bedroom floor. I was very excited by what I was seeing; my three naked friends all fingering themselves not farther apart than a foot or so and for no particular reason other than to show Julie how to have an orgasm.

My wet fingers were rubbing my engorged clit at a furious rate now, sometimes going into my dripping wet hole and at others rubbing my mons. It caused me as much pleasure watching my friends in heat as my masturbation did. It was so strange to be there, to see my best friends doing such perverted stuff. Then Lucie reached over and placed her hand on Julie's pussy and began to feel her.

That blew my mind for sure and I had another wonderful orgasm as I watched through slitted eyes as the two girls finger fucked each other.

It had been about 15 minutes and Lucie started to moan louder and louder. I knew that she was very near her orgasm. And about 10 seconds later she arched her back and started cumming on Julie's fingers. I was as amazed as Julie was when she saw her friend orgasming besides her. We all knew she had never felt that way by her expression.

Julie turned back to herself and rubbed her clit as fast as she could, trying to reach her own climax. Lucie was laying spent on her bed, licking her own juices from her fingers. I was shocked to she her doing that. I'd never done anything like that myself, but it did look hot to she her take all she could get and bring it to her mouth and cleaned her fingers.

It wasn't long before we'd heard a distinctive noise; Marie repeated it by climaxing in her chair. We saw her juices flowing out onto the chair and finally on her clothes that were lying at her feet. I couldn't hold myself back any longer and I screamed and started releasing my hot juices in the same way she had.

Julie seemed a bit tired and still hadn't shown any sign of high pleasure. Marie and I were finished eating each other out when Lucie got up from the bed and came to talk to us while Julie kept pleasuring herself. She came really near to me and whispered a plan to make Julie feel really good. And we meant "really" good. We thought it was the best solution.

Lucie walked back to the bed and when she came close to Julie, she grabbed her head and started kissing her on the mouth. Julie showed no resistance and she kissed Lucie back. While Julie didn't notice, I got up and pulled her in order to have her as near as we could to the bed. Then I took her hand off her pussy and replaced it by my hot wet tongue, pushing her back onto the bed. I had never licked another girl before that day, but being a girl, I knew what another girl would like.

I made little circles around her lips, and slowly licked her wet clit as I took a couple of fingers into her wet slippery hole. At first it felt weird but I got used to it quite fast. Indeed, it was making me very horny. Lucie ended her passionate kiss and instead gave Julie her pussy to lick. Julie didn't wait a single second and rapidly took her tongue into Lucie's hole. I didn't know what Marie would be doing until I felt a hot and wet thing between my legs. Horny as I was, I just felt a great sensation when Marie started massaging my clit with her tongue.

This time we were sure to be pleased and to please someone. We had almost forgotten that the goal was to make Julie cum and climax as never before. We were all sweating and a bit tired after a while. The room smelled like four horny little bitches juices. Anyone who'd see what we were doing, and smelled the room would have been turned on instantly.

A few minutes later: Julie was having a great time as her pussy was dripping wet, she started moving a bit as I kept going in deeper with my fingers and faster with my tongue when suddenly she exploded in her very best orgasm and started cumming all over my face, faster than I could drink her.

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