Her juices flooded my mouth and were dripping down to her ass hole and kept staining Lucie's bed even more. I had never realized how good another girl's cum could be. Up till then I'd always thought it was dirty to lick someone else. But it all changed in those few seconds.

I guess that because she didn't controlled herself when she had her orgasm, she must have done something unusual to Lucie because almost at the same time I heard her voice saying loudly and clearly "Oh God! Yes, keep doing it baby, yes!" She came too, into Julie's mouth who was taken by surprise as she moved intensely at the moment. Julie was in heaven; she had been eaten by myself as she ate one of her best friends.

As soon as she stopped cumming, I started cleaning Julie's pussy with my tongue and licked my sticky fingers. I guess she was doing the same with Lucie's. While doing that, Marie was still licking me and I started feeling really near the highest point. I stopped what I was doing and started saying, "Keep going Marie, I'm almost there, give it a bit more," and the big "Yes!!!" followed an instant later as I flooded Marie's mouth. Lucie turned her head to watch us.

We realised Marie was the only one that hadn't been pleased yet so we decided to treat her. Julie offered her slippery pussy to her as Lucie went down on her to eat some of her best friend. I didn't really know where to place myself in that nice show and as I had just cummed, I decided to just watch them while trying to catch my breath.

I stayed there until Julie couldn't hold it any longer. I ran down to get my tongue besides Marie's and felt the hot and smelly fluids on my face as Julie came on both of us. We barely finished licking her that we started kissing each other. Julie got out of the way just in time to admire Marie having her second orgasm. I got my tongue out of her mouth in order to let her scream of pleasure.

After cleaning up each other's pussies, we cleaned up the room and realized that we should head to the shower before Lucie's parents got back. Lucie and I were the first ones to go, and then were followed Marie and Julie. We still had some pleasuring moments while under the shower but nothing quite like what we'd just done.

We all stayed at Lucie's house that night, and dressed up in her clothes as ours were all dirty from our little class. During that summer we did the same things a couple more times, and we finally realized that we were bi.

I still remember those moments as if they happened just a few months ago. When in reality it's been two years, and I no longer see any of the girls. The only proof of what happened are a few diary entries that I made briefly after that special day. If we'd had the occasion to repeat such activity, I wouldn't hesitate a second to give my whole body to my best friends again.

Part 2