"My sweet Bridget," Tituba said. She gave me a passionate kiss. Then she turned to the small group of girls. "Now that we are all here, let us begin."

We gathered wood to build our fire, stacking it in a tight cone shape. With flint, Tituba ignited the kindling until the orange flames licked at the thick branches. They reminded me of our ravenous tongues licking each other. As I watched the fire grow, Ann came from behind, wrapping her arms around me. She rested her chin on my shoulder. Ann was such a sweet, affectionate girl. I wanted to pull her to the ground and pleasure her right then and there, but I knew that patience was a virtue. The exotic mixture of Tituba's special brew, the consuming heat of the fire, and the intoxicating sight of our bodies dancing naked under the stars would make our orgasms numerous, intense, and so worth the wait.

Once the flames blazed and the heat warmed our faces, we knelt in a circle around the fire, chanting prayers to our father the moon, our mother the earth, the stars that guide our way, and the goddess of love that lives in the moist temple between our legs. We asked that she sweep us away tonight in a tide of female passion. Tituba led the ritual prayers, our chants growing louder and stronger. Tituba had set up a small caldron beside the fire to heat her brew. As we chanted, she carefully added the secret ingredients: mushrooms, roots, herbs, berries, and a bit of ground up animal bones. She stirred it slowly, her lips forming silent incantations.

I looked up once to see Ann smiling at me through the flames. I could tell from the sparkle in her eyes that her body burned with desire.

Tituba dipped a small cup in the brew and passed it first to Martha who sipped. Martha then passed it to Abigail who took the next drink. The cup went around the circle back to Tituba. She dipped it into the steaming dark liquid and passed it around again.

Soon, I hear a wispy flute as Rebecca started playing a haunting melody. The jingle and pop of the tambourine followed as Sarah accompanied Rebecca's song. My head spun, filled with bright rainbows and wonderful visions. I let my cloak drop to the ground as I stood, stretching my arms over my head, feeling that I was floating. I turned slowly, letting the heat of the flames warm me. I tingled with excitement; my body came alive with sensations of wanton desire. I needed to touch soft skin, and be touched by eager fingers, to kiss sweet lips, lick tender moist folds, and suck hard, aroused nipples. I watched the other girls twirl and twist, moving to the beat of the tambourine and flute, and the accompanying crackle and pop of the flames.

The heat grew, both from the burning wood, and the fires of passion inside me. I unbuttoned my blouse, pulling and tugging it off along with the other layers of dress and garment. I caught glimpses of my sisters doing the same; their naked skin becoming exposed and glistening with sweat in the firelight. Soon we were whirling and singing, moving from one another, embracing, laughing, and kissing.

I was naked, my skin shimmering like quicksilver. I felt arms wrap around me from behind. Ann giggled sweetly as her small bare breasts pressed into my back. Her hand went to my nipple while her other slipping down my belly, her fingers playing with my short curls before pressing between my legs. I yelped with joy knowing it was she.

Ann kissed my neck while she rubbed my vagina, working her fingers to open my lips before sliding inside me. Ann moaned in my ear when she discovered the creamy wetness engulfing her finger. I pushed my bottom back into her feeling her curly bush on my ass. She was so wet.

I reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, working my fingers between them, exploring the moist valley in search of her tender rosebud. Then I realized lips were kissing my fingers; another girl knelt behind Ann licking her ass.

Suddenly, there was a warm, wet mouth on my vagina. I looked down seeing Abigail on her knees, kissing my opening. Her tongue fought with Ann's fingers to enter and pleasure me.

The clearing filled with moans and giggles, high-pitched squeals and yelps. I saw Tituba lying on her back, a bed of discarded garments beneath her. On top of her with her head between Tituba's legs, Susanna lapped at our black sister opening while Tituba hugged Susanna's hips, kissing and licking her bottom, feasting on delicate flesh. Across the clearing, Rebecca's flute sang with passion as Sarah dropped down and buried her face between Rebecca's legs. I knew now that it was Martha who was behind Ann. Above the crackle of the flames, I heard slurping and sucking of hungry mouths.

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