I turned my head so I could kiss my sweet Ann, my tongue darting into her small, warm mouth. The four of us sank to the ground, our cloaks and gowns making a soft bed. I was on my back feeling my legs being spread by Abigail. Ann was on top of me, our breasts pressed tightly, and Abigail was licking us both. Martha had moved around behind Abigail to lick her bottom.

I pulled Ann up until she straddled my face. Then I stuck out my tongue and tasted her fresh, young sex. A shudder ran through me as her thick honey dripped into my mouth and her fragrance filled me with desire.

"Oh, Bridget," she said over the roar of the fire. "I've wanted your attentions so badly." In a whisper only I could hear, she mouthed the words, "I love you."

My eyes smiled back at her as I reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples. They grew rigid as she leaned her head back, closing her eyes, running her fingers through her hair. I was infatuated with this tiny nymph and wanted so much to bring her to orgasm. As I ran my tongue between her nether lips lapping up her cream, my nose rubbed her clitoris.

Like her nipples, it grew hard, emerging from its protective hood looking like a precious pearl. I drew it between my lips and flicked it with the tip of my tongue, then sucked it hard. Ann's small frame shook violently as she squeezed my head between her legs and let out a cry. The orgasm racked her body and she started to collapse forward. I helped her slide back down my body until she was lying on top of me.

She left a wet trail between my breasts and down my tummy. Tituba's brew heightened my lust and I felt like Ann's skin was part of mine. I spread my legs wide pushing Ann's apart so Abigail could lick us both. Holding Ann tightly, I kissed her, whispering how much I adored her.

"I want to be with you forever," she said, softly. Like a kitten, she licked her cream off my lips and cheeks.

"I know, my sweet angel," I said, shaking with arousal. "I can't get enough of you."

Suddenly, Abigail had two fingers in me, and my heart raced with my approaching orgasm. Abigail let her busy fingers work on me while she licked Ann's vagina and bottom. Then I felt one of Abigail's wet fingers find my rosebud and slip inside my rectum. I climaxed hard and long. Ann was crying and laughing hysterically as she planted dozens of kisses all over my face. "You are so beautiful in the throes of passion," she said between kisses.

My back arched and my chest heaved as the fires of sisterhood love consumed me. I squeezed my precious Ann, running my hand down her back and kneading her ass. Then, Abigail was lying beside us and our mouths and tongues fought in a wild kissing frenzy. I tasted my cream on her lips.

Suddenly, Ann was swept from my arms by Susanna and carried to Tituba. Without wasting a moment, Abigail was on her hands and knees, turning around so her bottom was above my face. She gently lowered her shimmering, naked body onto mine bringing her vagina only inches from my mouth. Her fleece was soaked and dripping, and I reached to spread her lips wide and drink. Surely, the goddess of love was with us tonight as our bodies were racked with wave upon wave of passion.

As the night wore on, in twos and threes, we pleasured each other again and again until we were all spent. I was basking in the glow of my last orgasm when Ann came to me. She sank into my arms under a layer of thick garments and our fingers quickly found the warmth between our legs while we kissed deeply. As the flames died down to glowing embers, we pleasured each other one last time and then slept.

With the first signs of the approaching dawn, we were all up and dressed; ready to return to our villages. We spoke of the pleasures of the night before and how each sister yearned for the next full moon. As I hugged my sweet Ann goodbye, she said to beware of the strange rumors of witchcraft going around the villages of late.

"You have only to worry about getting through the long nights until we are in each other's arms again, little one," I said, kissing her one last time.

Witchcraft, I thought as I made my way along the trail back to Salem. What a silly notion.

Part 2