Our clothes drop off quickly - I actually pop the button off my shorts in my haste to get them off. We hold each other again, enjoying the sensation of skin against skin. My cock is trapped between our bodies, and you can feel it throbbing against you. I move gently against you, feeling your soft breasts crushed against my chest, the hard nipples standing out like bullets. I lift you in my arms, carrying you across the grass to the blanket, where I lay you down. Reaching into the ice chest, I pull out a glass and a bottle of champagne.

I hand you the filled glass and, with a wide smile, kneel between your legs with the bottle. I hold it over your smooth crotch and begin pouring a slow trickle down, licking it up as it runs through your pussy.

The combination of the champagne and your own juice is delicious, and I lap rapidly at your cunt trying to catch it all. You are feeling incredible sensations, as the champagne tickles your sensitive pussy and I voraciously lick you. The champagne in your glass is not going to waste - dipping your fingers in it, you rub it on your nipples, which are quickly becoming as hot as your crotch. I begin concentrating on your erect little clit, and the pleasure grows. You know that orgasm is not far away.

Then I abruptly set the bottle down and reach for the chest again, this time pulling out a bunch of grapes. Leaning back over you, I lick quickly at one champagne-flavored nipple and exchange a kiss before moving back down between your legs. Spreading and stroking your cunt, I begin pushing the grapes inside, one by one. Finally, they are all inside, and once again I place my mouth over your crotch, sucking them out.

As each pops out and into my mouth, new shivers of excitement shoot through you, culminating at last in a raging, explosive climax that almost lifts you off the blanket. Lying back gasping for breath, you look down at my head, still buried between your thighs.

"C'mon, I'm hungry too," you say softly as you sit up and I roll over to take your place on the ground. My cock stands up straight, stiff and hard, as you bring out the condiments - chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry for the top.

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