Soon my crotch is a mound of chocolate and whipped cream, the cherry balanced precariously atop my rigid cock. You waste no time in lapping up the sweet mixture, my shaft quivering with each stroke of your tongue. A steady stream of fluid is trickling from the swollen red head, and you lick it off, swirling your tongue around and around the cherry still miraculously balanced on top.

Finally you slip me into your mouth, and after only a few moments in that hot wet grip, my cock lets loose, shooting its own special sauce into your throat.

Looking down at your chocolate-smeared face next to my still half-hard rod, I fumble behind me in the bag to see if there is anything left in our supplies. I find what I am looking for, and gently draw you up next to me.

Sliding down, tracing a trail over your body with my tongue, I lie down again between your legs and taste your pussy. If anything, it is wetter than before, and a slight taste of the champagne remains. But then I take the banana that I am holding in my hand, and begin rubbing it up and down along the length of your slit. You moan with pleasure and reach down to hold your cunt lips open, showing me your hot pink hole. The banana slides in easily, and you gasp as it twists inside you. Leaving it buried inside, I lick and nibble your clit for several minutes before pulling it out again with my teeth, eating it as it emerges from you.

When it is gone, your body is hotter than you can ever remember it being. You are desperate to come, your body straining for climax. Your fingers are rubbing and digging at your clit, and you beg me to make you come. "We're out of bananas - I guess this will have to do" I chuckle, and shove my hard cock all the way inside you. Your scream and my shout at the sensation emerge at the same time, and for a moment I hold still inside you while we enjoy it.

Then I roll sideways and pull you close, our sweaty bodies sliding together as my cock slides in and out of your quivering pussy. Our hands are roaming over each other's bodies, stroking, squeezing, caressing, and we are kissing hotly, trying to devour each other with our lips and tongues. Your climax is first, even more violent than the last, and as your body shakes and quivers my release is triggered. For long moments we are held in ecstasy, rolling and bucking on the ground together.

We finally catch our breath, and lean together against a tree, you sitting with your back to me between my spread legs, with my arms around your waist and hands idly stroking your belly. You turn your head and laugh as you say, "Hey, you want to go into town and get something to eat?"

Part 2