While the performers were on stage, it was my role as an assistant greeter to circulate around the booths and alcoves to help members and their guests, to make sure they had the drinks and snacks they desired or, more usually, to assist with the toys and devices that the club maintained in such abundance. Many of the audience were enthralled by the Busty Creamers, watching fixedly or perhaps masturbating along with the antics in The Vat. Others, equally turned-on, clearly wanted to have sex with their friends and companions while watching the Partons fuck each other on stage.

I came across a booth which was occupied by two women who had clearly appropriated one of the Club's more popular toys - a giant double-ended dildo which appeared to be made from soft pink Jell-O. Like the liquid in the Vat, this toy was obviously infused with automation, which was moving like silvery sparkles inside the translucent material. One lady, a slender redhead with pale skin and large eyes, lay back on the banquette seating while her friend, a muscular black woman with clipped dark hair and a determined facial expression, knelt between her legs.

The dark-skinned woman was struggling with the dildo, which appeared to have taken on a life of its own, writhing this way and that, presumably confused by inconsistent directions and desires from the ladies present.

"Hi there,” I offered, "You want me to help you with that?"

Both ladies started slightly as I addressed them, but relaxed immediately as they recognized the uniform - a metallic silver miniskirt and matching sleeveless jacket unfastened at the front - which marked me as a staff member.

"I’ve just got to fuck with this one," purred the dark-skinned woman in a deep and sexy voice which drove a tingle down my spine - ending up between my legs, "Can you get this thing sorted out for me?"

She handed me the dildo, which stilled itself immediately in my grasp. I licked the end of the toy a few times, slipping the authentically-shaped head into my mouth. The redhead watched me sucking on the dildo with increasing interest, her mouth opening instinctively as I pressed the dong into my throat.

Meanwhile, the black woman started licking out her friend, kneeling right down with her ass in the air, while touching herself between the legs with one hand. Her red-taloned finger stimulated her own clitoris with a brisk circular movement, lubricated with juices from inside her intimate opening. As I watched, the black woman's touch moved more often to her cunt, fucking herself with first one and then two fingers, the wetness glistening on the deep pink of her labia.

Seeing my cue, I slipped the moistened dildo between those moist pink lips, Holding the toy with both hands and fucking her as hard as I could. The black woman was clearly enjoying the sensation, intensifying her efforts on the redhead's clit until she came, buckling and squealing in pleasure.

I withdrew the toy as the black woman sat back on her haunches.

"Now it's time for me to fuck you properly," she snarled to her companion, taking the dildo from my hand.

She squatted down, knees wide apart, and pressed one end of the dildo inside her. I could see the device expand further and begin to vibrate excitingly. The toy then suddenly expanded in the middle, initially forming a thin disk which then split into strips which eased their way around the black woman's waist and thighs, and turning itself into a double-prong strap-on.

The automation within the toy swirled briefly, and then the device took on the exact coloration of the woman's skin, the sudden apparent naturalness of the dick contrasting with the woman's firm rounded breasts and hard dark nipples.

The redheaded woman gulped, seeing the tip of the toy now curving upwards and pulsing slightly as if driven by an excited heartbeat. Her companion pressed her artificial cock to the moist opening she had been licking earlier. Then, in a single smooth movement, the black woman slid the dick deep inside her friend, eliciting a gasp and a cry of pleasure from the redhead and her own grunt of satisfaction.

I discreetly departed, suspecting that the ladies would be banging each other for hours. Another job well done!

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