The next booth with filled to capacity by a noisy group of shemales, who were sitting round a table and cheering on the girls in The Vat with raucous cries and lewd - and possibly anatomically impossible - suggestions. They looked like they were having a good time without my assistance, and I moved to pass by without stopping, but one of the party called me over.

"Hi there," she said, then added to the accompaniment of much giggling from her friends, "Can you get us a set of ABC's?"

"Sure," I replied brightly, leaning forward to give her a good view of the lips between my breasts, "One for everybody?"

"Oh, yeah," one of her friends replied, "Including yourself. Don't want anyone to feel left out."

I strode off, making sure the girls had a good look at my mini-skirted ass. It took less than a minute to track down a box of the toys they had specified - guided by the PA, of course - and return to the booth.

I would soon discover that these girls were of the classic shemale Kind, with dicks and balls - always carefully shaved - rather than a Dickgirl like my dear friend and flatmate Renie. To a person, they had narrow waists and slender legs emphasized in most cases by the pleated miniskirt their Kind so often favored - presumably because of the potentially painful effects of a sudden erection in a tight-fitting garment - and large boobs barely restrained by halter tops or tight-fitting tee-shirts.

The girls had elaborate hairstyles, each quite different from the others and in complete contrast to the near uniformity of dress they had adopted. It was almost as if this was the sole feature they wished to use to mark their individuality.

By the time I returned, some of the girls had already stripped off their skirts, or hitched them up around their waists. Responding to an unspoken suggestion, the table in the middle of the booth sank smoothly into the floor. There was much fondling of breasts which were bouncing out of their constraining clothing all around me. I allowed my uniform jacket to fall open and slip to the floor, followed shortly by my skirt.

Around me, the girls were licking each other's asses and sucking each other's cocks. I joined in, sucking nipples and penises as they came to hand. Hands and mouths were exploring me too, squeezing my nipples hard, and licking both my cunts and my ass with wonderful skill and abandon.

It was not long before all of the girls had rock-hard dicks and moist anuses. Seeing my cue, I opened the box I had retrieved earlier and drew out a set of synchronized anal vibrators - known as Anal Buzz Cocks, in the jargon - little black dildos infused with automation.

The woman who had called me over made me kneel in the middle of the booth, where the table had been previously, and the girls stood around me, asses towards my face, cheek-to-cheek in a circle.

I made my way around the circle, separating the ass cheeks with my fingers and licking each one - to appreciative moans from the recipient and encouragement from the others - before slipping a little black toy into each opening. When I had finished, there was just one toy left, which I sucked lavishly for a moment before slipping into my own anus.

The girls reformed their circle, now with their dicks inwards. Again, I made my way around the circle, sucking one cock while wanking two others. As I did so, the butt-plug inside me began to vibrate, its force and frequency depending not only on my own level of stimulation, but also on the degree of excitement from all the others in the group.

Inevitably, the girls took to stroking their own cocks, harder and harder, allowing me to first squeeze my own tits, and then start to finger both of my cunts, again to general appreciation. All the while, the vibration in my ass grew stronger and stronger, and I could see the girls' dicks straining and swelling under their increasingly energetic masturbation.

It was not long, before we came, together as a group, the girls exploding a huge quantity of cum over my face and tits, their orgasms - and mine - synchronized by the ABCs throbbing in our asses. The girls' joint ejaculation was the most impressive display of shemale bukake I had seen in a very long time.

More very satisfied customers, I would say.

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