The shemales stood wanking the last of their cum over my breasts, gasping and moaning raggedly with the force of their joint orgasms. I opened my mouth wide, showing just how much cum they had managed to get inside me, then swallowed. I set about transferring the rest of their Dickgirl ejaculations to my mouth, scooping up every last bit with my fingers and licking them with great relish and savoring the different tastes of the jizz that had been sprayed over me.

One by one the ladies sagged back on the banquette seating, legs akimbo, dicks detumescent and their jiggling breasts almost stilled, just rising and falling with their heavy breathing. The dildos in their asses, and mine, quietly slid out of their own volition - the automation at work again, of course. I swept up the toys and returned them to the open box, knowing that the PA would soon efficiently and silently clean them.

"Well, thank you ladies," I said pertly, standing up and surveying the group, "I trust you are enjoying the hospitality of the Chromium Shaft Club?"

The round of satisfied muttering was music to my ears. I grinned broadly, then made to leave.

I collected my uniform clothes and stepped away into the deeper shadows between the booths. Once out of immediate sight, I held out my arms and spread my legs, and closed my eyes. The automation, sensing my need, moved as swiftly as always, cleaning my skin in a swirl of air and motion around me, and leaving me feeling refreshed and ready for duty.

I slipped back into my uniform and continued my perambulations through the audience, around the tables and between the tiers of banquettes, occasionally greeting a member by name, or introducing myself to a first-time guest.

I approached a larger booth towards the back of the auditorium, where I could just make out a woman lying prone, eyes closed and motionless, on a table between the banquette seating, and surrounded by silent and motionless people. Up here, the view of the performance was limited, and the music somewhat deadened, and the quietness of the group contrasted alarmingly with the energetic and noisy audience elsewhere.

As I got closer, I could see that the elegantly reclining form was adorned with the kinds of food which are popular here at the Club. Jell-O and cream decorated her body in many places - her ample breasts, the soft skin of her thighs, and the delicate swelling of her pubic mound - while pieces of fruit and sweets, and more cream, were arranged artistically around her body on the table itself. A chocolate candy bar had been slipped partially into the woman’s vagina, already excitingly warm and melting gently.

The people in the party themselves were naked, or nearly so: casually worn, or discarded towels and miscellaneous items littering the booth. They held drinks in their hands, and every one of them appeared to be in a state of silent but excited anticipation.

One figure, a large man with a preternaturally jolly expression on his face, turned to me and held a finger to his lips. I stopped dead, following his eyes as he turned his head. Emerging from the darkness of the exit, a blindfolded man was being guided up to the group by a woman. The man was wearing a towel around his waist, and his companion led him gently forward by the hand.

The woman bade him stop with a light pressure on his arm. She then removed the blindfold in a single dramatic movement, to a huge round of cheers and shouts from the group, who as one raised up their glasses in a coordinated toast to the new arrival. Simultaneously, the PA, no doubt carefully programmed by someone here, provided sparkling simmering lights in amongst the food, in a fashion that someone from a historical era could have mistaken for lighted candles.

The man's eyes widened as he took in the group of friends, the decorated beauty arranged before him. On cue, the prone woman opened her eyes and turned her head to smile and the new arrival. The man's towel promptly fell off, displaying his erect member to another round of cheering from his friends.

"Surprise, Darling!" the woman said, "Happy Birthday!"

Part 3 Volume 7: Mom's Home Cookin'