Without warning, he removes the blindfold. You gasp again as you catch sight of yourself in the mirror. You are bound with broad leather restraints at wrist and ankle and neck. A heavy chain of dully gleaming metal connects a shackle at your neck to your left ankle, while your legs are held apart by a chromed metal bar. A second chain runs from one wrist through a second shackle at your throat to your other wrist.

The toolbox now stands open. From where you kneel, it is difficult to see the contents but there are hints of black leather and shining metal and Day-glo plastics. You wonder what delights and pleasures remain concealed in the box.

The man’s cock, already stiff, is protruding from an opening in the black leather trousers. He stands on the chain at one ankle, forcing your other wrist to your throat and your head to waist level. He runs the head of his cock over your lips. It is your first touch. It is electric. You instinctively open your mouth to take a breath and he is inside you, his helmet filling your mouth. You realize you want his cock in your throat. You realize he is going to fuck you in the mouth whether you wanted it or not.

You had not appreciated that you could take so much of him - or any man - in your mouth, your throat. He fucks you hard, pressing his balls against your chin. He ignores your attempts to gag and, to your surprise, you find you can ignore it too. You find yourself hoping he will come in your mouth. Then suddenly his dick is withdrawn. You catch your breath while you can.

The man pushes your head down hard, pressing your face to the mat. The chain linking your neck and your ankle slides to one side, its chill metal running across the skin on your back. The chain is so short that you are forced to kneel with your breasts tight against your thighs. You realize that your ass, your separated legs, your vagina and anus, are exposed and vulnerable.

There is a rattle from the toolbox, then you feel a cool oily liquid is poured into the cleft of your ass. It runs down over your anus and then between your pussy lips mingling, you are sure, with your own moisture there. And now, the moment you have anticipated for so long, his fingers touch you, at last, to rub the scented oil between your lips and once, just once, over your clit. You nearly come, there and then, at that single touch.

The man drives his cock inside you, a great thrust plunging deep inside you. You come instantly, crying out, screaming in pleasure and need, your muscles tightening, quivering in your release, your much anticipated orgasm. He ignores your cries, your reaction, and fucks you relentlessly, almost machine-like, his dick growing noticeably larger as a reaction to the floods of moisture your excitement has produced.

The man withdraws, then tugs on the chains to drag you back to an upright kneeling position and again forces his cock down your throat. The taste in your mouth is a mixture of the lubrication he had applied - chocolate-flavored, you discover - spiced with a sharpness you do not recognize for a moment and are shocked when you do. It is the taste of your own most intimate juices. You know it is years since you tasted that - from a time before you even met the current live-in boyfriend.

You can sense that he is close, his strokes in your throat, your mouth, juddering and shaking. He pulls back, so only his helmet is in your mouth. You tighten your lips around his cock. He comes, at last; the cum fills your mouth. You hope that you can catch all of his semen.

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