It is over, you realize. As he carefully removes the buckles and chains, releasing you from his control, his domination, you wonder where the man's wife is, at this time; how could he be so sure that she would not interrupt his pleasures this evening?

And you wonder equally what your boyfriend is doing this evening, his intentions as carefully not stated as your destination. Is he, you wonder, entertaining this man's wife, in your flat, in your bed?

Has she bound him, forced him to his knees, make him pleasure her at her command? Or, more likely, given her husband’s penchant for domination, has the wife persuaded your boyfriend to bind her, to beat her, to force himself upon her entirely and completely for his own gratification, without thought of pleasure for her? Or has your boyfriend secretly always wanted to treat a woman that way, to take his own brutal gratification, but did not think that you would accept or enjoy that kind of rough sex?

You will never know, not for sure. You will not ask, you will not expect to be told. It will be a secret unspoken, shared but not acknowledged. But you know you will be able to tell. You know that your lovemaking at home will suddenly become more varied, more imaginative, probably more rough and unrestrained than anything you have experienced with him before. You know you will enjoy it much, much more.

The man watches you thoughtfully as you dress, nodding almost as if he understands precisely what notions you have running through your head. As to step towards the front door for the journey home, your body still aching from his attentions, you realize that you will never see this man again. And that your relationship with the boyfriend - maybe husband, now quite possibly husband - will never be the same again.

Part 5

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