Barely a second after his orgasm, and before you have stopped quivering, he has knelt down behind you and is running his hands over the welts on your ass. You watch him, reflected; he glances up to see you watching, acknowledging your excitement. You realize he wants you to see exactly what he wants, what he intends to do to you.

He slips two fingers of his right hand inside your opening. They slide in easily; you are already so wet from oil and cum and your own secretions. You realize he wants to stretch you, to hurt you there in that most intimate place. He reaches out with his other hand and dribbles more lubrication over your pussy lips while he fucks you with his fingers. You can feel him slip a third, then a fourth finger inside you. You feel yourself becoming more wide open than you have ever been before; your body aches at the unaccustomed feelings. At the same time you crave more: more pleasure, more pain, whatever it is, just more.

By the time you reach orgasm, he has got all four fingers and his thumb and part of his hand inside you. You come violently, bucking and jerking, spasming around his fingers. You have never before experienced an orgasm like it.

Once again, the pain and pleasure he has inflicted on you has excited him, and he is massively erect. You are now so wide open that you wonder whether you can satisfy him, big though he is. He too appears to be wondering how he wishes to enjoy you, this time. He fingers your rear orifice, sensing your tension, your tightness there. He must realize that you are an anal virgin, that you could not possibly take his dick there, not all of him.

Nodding, he leans over and from the toolbox he takes a butt-plug, lubricates it deftly and presses it to your sphincter. The dildo is larger than anything you would have imagined you could have fitted in your anus, but he does not give you a chance to even flinch. You gape open for the toy and it slides inside you so easily that it surprises you. It is, you now appreciate, fitted with a vibrator, and you can feel its whirring motions deep in your core, propagating though every part of you.

You now appreciate that he is one of these men who can come three or more times in quick succession. He fucks you again, from behind, first separating your pussy lips - no, he is pressing open your vagina with his fingers - before sliding his dick inside you. He must be able to feel the buzz of the anal toy, he must be as excited as you are, and you realize you must come again, soon - no, right now. As you come, your muscles clench and spasm around cock and fingers and plug alike. You are convinced that he came inside you at that same moment, although you wonder whether he has any semen left at all by this time.

The man withdraws his penis immediately and, impressively, you see in the mirror that he has still drops of his emissions seeping from the head. He pulls out the butt-plug too, which triggers another wave of pleasure inside you, from a source you did not know you were capable of. He rubs his cum into your anus, the one opening he has not violated this evening, pressing his thumb against that sensitive sphincter. You are perhaps glad that he has not fucked you there, but nonetheless perversely disappointed that he has not taken every pleasure he could, every pleasure you know you would have willingly given him.

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