The Rabbi and I first knew each other years ago - and here I really do mean "know", in that Biblical, Old Testament sense. We had met as University students, both newly arrived in the Psychology Department, and we had indulged in a breathlessly erotic affair for that first year.

We were two young women, both slender and dark-haired, at large in the world for the first time, both little more than children and both still shyly exploring our newly-discovered sexuality. We were nervous, ashamed, guilty, naive and still very innocent, despite the increasingly intimacy of our caresses. We had spend hours kissing and talking, in between studying our books and writing our essays, wearing only our underwear - too shy to shed even these flimsy articles - kissing and then drawing back, both of us all the time aching to be touched more.

I can still remember the first time I felt her breasts, even then large and soft and delightful to kiss. The feeling of her joy and excitement as I scooped her left tit from the enclosing bra cup and brought her nipple to my mouth. She told be much later that, at that single contact, she had become so wet that her panties were completely soaked. We became bolder, learning how to touch each other in yet more intimate ways, running our fingers and later our tongues over each other, gently exploring the soft folds of labia and the stiff sensitive clitoris each desired the other to stroke.

I found that the Rabbi could be brought to orgasm very quickly when her clit was stimulated by finger or tongue. If done in the right way - and I became expert enough in that year - I could bring to a screaming climax in less than a minute. She was wild and uncontrolled in those climatic moments, bucking and writhing, often involuntarily gripping my head between her soft and luscious thighs.

It was only later when I realized how unusual it was for a woman to be able to come like that. It was later encounters with other women - many other women, in fact - that taught me that reaching a true orgasm is not always easy, sometimes impossible. But at the time, I felt like a freak, left out and alone, as I found it impossible to reach orgasm even with her frantically licking me for hours at a time.

I took to holding back during our lovemaking, bringing her to the point of orgasm then cruelly stopping or moving my tongue subtly away from the most sensitive spot that would make her scream and writhe in ecstasy. My conscious manipulation of her satisfaction was the cause of more than one argument and eventually the stresses of the imbalance of our sexual reactions proved to be too much. We broke up, at the end of the first year, just before the long summer break.

During the remainder of the years at the University, we remained at a cool distance - not unfriendly, but also not being seen together, even in the most casual of settings. I found other girls, and older women too - some much more experienced than I was - who taught me a great deal.

By contrast, the Rabbi did not find herself another woman, but instead plunged into her work, by all accounts rarely emerging from her rooms and playing only a minimal role in the social life of the student body.

After graduation, the Rabbi and I lost contact entirely. I remained in the Psychology Department, pursuing a series of postgraduate studies and research which eventually led to a doctorate. Post-doctoral studies followed, and I eventually became a tenured member of the academic staff, a teacher of students and an investigator of human behavior.

From what I later discovered, the Rabbi returned to her community and her family, apparently conforming to the conventions of the world and her religion. This was one of the less rigid factions of Judaism which permits a woman to be trained as a Rabbi.

After much study - something she had become accustomed to, no doubt - she achieved her aim and took up a post in a North London synagogue. Her degree in Psychology no doubt assisted her in the pastoral and community duties that are, I understand, required of such a religious role.

She even took up with a nice Jewish boy, marrying him a few years afterwards, although I would later discover there was little sexual contact between husband and wife, and no children from the union.

From all that I learned, it was clear that the Rabbi's religious and family background had re-asserted itself, perhaps as a reaction to what she saw as a rejection from me, away from what could have been a rebellious, licentious lifestyle.

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