The oiled dildo was right inside her now. I needed both hands to fuck her with it, sliding it deep inside her and drawing it back out with a smooth motion. On each thrust, she found a little more space inside her, accommodating more and more of the giant dong while getting wetter and wetter, her own juices once again mingling with the glistening lubricant I had applied. I moved faster and faster, banging the black toy into her, vicariously enjoying her gasps for breath between her screams and moans of pain and pleasure.

I found myself thinking about what I was putting her through: envying the energy in her fucking, and her enjoyment of the toys and the deep penetration I was now forcing on her. My own vagina and clit were still wet from where the Rabbi had been licking them earlier, as was the area around the sphincter of my anus.

I sensed myself moistening further, reacting to her movements and my own thoughts.

"Perhaps one last licking out is required," I murmured, just loud enough to be heard over her cries.

She looked into my eyes, obviously accepting that this too was to be something I required of my slave. I placed one booted foot on the desk and bent over her, pressing my ass and cunt back against her face, pressed to her mouth, making it entirely clear what I was demanding. Arching my back, I leaned forward so my hair grazed her clit, standing proud and firm and erect under the intense stimulation of the dong inside her.

The Rabbi had been behaving well today, in the slave-slut fashion I had required of her, and so I had not bothered to bind her wrists. She had become properly well-behaved under my ministrations during those many long slave-training sessions in this very office.

To my surprise, she suddenly reached up with one hand. The long nails of two fingers separated my pussy lips, her thumb was quickly buried in my vagina and a third finger was now rubbing my clit.

Three quick strokes from her brought me, incredibly swiftly, to the brink of orgasm, two more slow strokes held me there for long seconds. And then I came, with a long drawn-out scream and intense muscular spasms, in a way I had never, in all those encounters, with all those women, accomplished before.

I collapsed over her body from the force of the orgasm. I lost my grip on the dildo, forgotten in the heat of the moment. When I opened my eyes, I could see the glistening black toy being extruded slowly from between her pink pussy lips over the green leather of her desk.

I was dripping wet from my own intimate juices and, as she withdrew her thumb, I squirting a quantity of those juices over her mouth. With her other hand the Rabbi was touching herself, giving herself to the clitoral orgasm I had promised her - like the one that had just transported me to a new plane of experience.

"See, Doctor, that's how you do it," she found breath to say, when she - and I - had finally stopped shaking. I looked at her in astonishment.

"I knew you could," she continued, smiling wantonly at me while licking her lips, "I knew I'd teach you how eventually."

Part 4

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