Our first sexual encounter after all those years had started much as the last one before we had argued and then gone our separate ways. There was much urgent kissing and fumbling inside clothes. I soon discarded my coat - I had not been wearing anything else except for the boots anyway. We slowly shed her conventional clothing on the floor, caressed each other's neck and breasts.

She had reacted to my touch as before, her nipples hardening and darkening almost immediately. Now naked, she laid down on the carpet while knelt over her. I explored her cunt, already wet and ready with anticipation, then fingering her vigorously, pumping at her hard with two still fingers. After a few moments hesitancy, she reciprocated, reaching up to explore my vagina, also moist with excitement.

During our mutual masturbation, I carefully avoided her clitoris. After a few minutes, I asked her, "You still need to be touched here" - I ran my tongue over her clit - "to make you come?"

She gasped at my touch, then nodded.

"Just this once," I said.

A few swift strokes brought her off, screaming aloud in the fashion I remembered so well from my childhood.

"I know you're a Rabbi now," I said, as she lay gasping from the after-shocks, "But I think you're in need of some further training. And, now that I'm a Doctor, I'll be the one giving it to you."

I put my hand under her chin, tilting it up and exposing her throat.

"I'm going to make you come properly, without touching your clit," I informed her, "Are you going to accept my kind offer?"

"Yes, Doctor" she answered meekly.

There and then, I devised a training programme for her, starting with the dildos in increasing sizes for her cunt and ass, interspersed with forced oral play on all of my openings. I would make her lie on the carpet, or the couch that stood by the shuttered windows, while I squatted down over her face. I would make her lick my anus and vagina while I held my lips apart with one black-gloved hand, making her slip her tongue deep into both openings.

Meanwhile I would caress her vagina lips and just occasionally her clit with a whip that I had brought especially for the purpose, stimulating her as long as was correctly pleasuring me and whipping her painfully hard on the thighs and breasts when she got it wrong.

I alternated the dildos with fingering and fisting, letting her feel the cool leather of my gloves penetrating her. In some of the more recent visits, I had acquired several exciting instruments which could administer carefully-controlled pressure on her nipples. From all this intense attention, she was intensely excited, crying out ecstatically in pleasure for hours at a time, but I could never make her come, except for the release from those clitoral orgasms.

It was only a matter of time before she learned better.

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