The departure of the anonymous redhead had left me as horny as hell, practically dripping from both vaginas and desperately needing a thorough and deeply penetrative fucking. It's times like this, I thought, when something you really, really need has got to come along right now.

The Metro made its way steadily out of the city. After five or six stops, the downtown crowd had thinned out and the car became almost empty, the few other occupants engrossed in their own affairs. I found myself sitting across the aisle from a really gorgeous black man. He was ignoring me, or at least seemed to be completely distracted, clearly watching some entertainment or other projected directly onto his eyes by some paid-for VAPAware service I did not subscribe to.

Further along the car, a lone woman was masterbating with a tiny hand-held device. Her head lay back against the window, cushioned by her elaborately and artfully arranged black hair. A silver band with the tell-tale glitter of automation covered the upper part of her face, eyes and ears and nose, no doubt projecting some high-quality and immersive pornography to at least three of her senses.

She had thrown one of her stockinged legs - a delightfully fashionable retro touch, I thought - up on the banquette seating, the dark weave of the tights contrasting with the red leather-look uphostery. A glossy black high-heeled shoe dangled from her raised foot, at risk of falling at any moment.

The blindfolded woman had hiked up her skirt, taking advantage of the side slit to get her legs very wide apart. She was holding her panties aside and spreading her pink pussy lips with one elegantly manecured hand. She held the tiny toy in the other. It was little more than a thin flim of automation over her fingertips - I was only sure it was there because I could see the membrane stretched between her fingers.

The device was twisting and vibrating visibly, adjusting itself to her most intimate contours, as well as the movement of her hand and the thrusts of her hips. Her full breasts, still entirely constrained by the formal blouse and jacket she wore, bounced in harmony with her increasingly energetic movements. Her moans became louder and more prolonged as she approached the second climax she had achieved since I had started watching her. A few last jerks, a final scream - she had made it! I nearly applauded in appreciation.

Her raised leg dropping to the floor as she relaxed, laying back limply and breathing heavily, apparently satisfied - at least for the moment, I thought wryly.

The blindfold unfolded itself at a touch and dropped into her hand. She secreted this and the clitoral vibrator in her purse, then stood up as the train slowed to a halt. Glancing neither to right nor left, she stepped out, head held high and a distinctly satisfied look on her face.

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