After a bout of me and Mom licking and fingering, luxuriating in the familiar taste and texture of each other's body, we collapsed together on the couch, Mom's head in my lap. I had enjoyed a couple of little orgasms - willy nillies - and Mom had come twice, too.

Lying together, Mom enquired after my life, asking how I was enjoying working at the club. She had used a little of her influence to get me interviewed for the position - well, tried out might be a better way of putting it. But the assessment had been a success, after all - the interviewers had appreciated my abilities and every one of my openings.

"It's great, Mom," I replied, "Everyone's really friendly, and it sure helps to pay the bills."

"That's good, dear," she said, adding with a note of concern, "But don't let them overwork you."

"I won't, Mom," I reassured her.

Our sex play had been watched closely, if slightly surrepticiously, by the bronzed man in the apron, although he was careful to continue with his kitchen duties. As we chatted, Mom nodded in the direction of the kitchen.

"He's new, isn't he?" I asked.

Mom smiled.

"I thought you might appreciate him," she replied, sitting up, "Let me call him over."

Gary - that was his name - turned out to be a Seal. Otherwise close to Normal, he had a large and muscular tongue able to easily lick the tip of his own nose, as he demonstrated as he emerged from the kitchen area, still wearing his apron. The name, by the way, is supposed to be some kind of pun, referring to a physically strong and active man who is also an accomplished eater of oysters.

Gary undid his apron and let it fall - or at least tried to. He had to stop to unhook it from the rock-hard member I had already spotted underneath the cloth. Now completely naked, he came over to stand next to Mom on the couch. Mom could not help herself. She leaned over to take the head of his cock in her mouth, just a couple of hard thrusts which made Gary cry out.

Grinning, I stood up, unzipping my jacket and tossing it and the skirt behind the couch. I knelt to join Mom sucking his cock, taking it in turns for a few minutes until Gary seemed ready to explode over our faces.

"Not just yet, Gary," Mom said teasingly, "Tania wants to feel that wonderful tongue of yours."

Obediently, he knelt down on the floor while I lay back on the couch. His hands had already started carressing my tits, taking each nipple firmly between thumb and forefinger. Leaning forward, he ran his tongue repeatedly between my breasts, seeking out the soft lips and enticing opening I have there. His tongue was surprisingly hard and quite rough, and now curved nearly back on itself to form a hollow tube. It was clearly his pleasure - and mine too, of course - to enter me with this most unusual member.

Mom watched in delight as Gary's tongue fucked me. She was close beside me now, eyes bright, one hand exploring between my legs and three fingers of the other fucking her own cunt. It was exhilarating, and I realised that I was going to come - and come really hard - with this man's tongue inside me.

With a cry, I made it. The muscles surrounding the opening spasmed suddently, forcing Gary's tongue almost completely out, and I could the sudden powerful tension around Mom's fingers in the vagina between my legs.

"Well done, Gary," Mom said in a hoarse whisper, "Now it's my turn."

With little urging, Gary lay on the floor. Mom straddled him, taking his cock - harder than ever, it seemed - deeply into her. She rode him with a rythymical movement, one I suspected she had practiced many times before, forcing his cock against just the right places inside her.

Watching Mom work her way up to a powerful orgasm, I wondered about straddling Gary's face, although I suspected that his rough tongue would be almost too much for my already highly-stimulated clit.

Mom came, as hard as I had just done, arching herself backwards and shuddering visibly.

after a few moments, she lifted herself up as I watched, delighted to see that Gary's manhood was as hard now as it was before Mom had fucked him. A few beads of moisture - Mom's pussy juices - had formed on his helmet and I leaned forward to lick them off, savouring once again her most intimate flavors.

"Go on," Mom said, "I know you need this."

I squatted over Gary, using the strong muscles in my legs to control my descent, to ease slowly - oh, so slowly - over Gary's dick. The combined lubrication of all of today' lovers gave a delicious smoothness to the motion. And then, up again, and down. And again, and again, just a little faster each time.

Mom did the same over Gary's tongue, facing me. We moved together, in synchronization. Our movements allowed me to kiss her passionately a couple of times to enjoy the various tastes which were already mingling in our mouths. Our hands reached out to each other, cupping one anothers breasts and tugging hard on the other's nipples.

I could feel myself ready to come again, and I could tell that Gary would be ready to spurt very soon. I was just entering that moment of elation as another powerful orgasm swept over me when I Mom say, "Come inside her, Gary. You've deserved it."

My contractions drive him over the edge, and he filled me with sweet sticky cum.

"Way to go, Mom!" I gasped, as soon as I could speak, "What a find!"

Part 6 Volume 8: Party Glitter