The black man I had just fucked alighted the Metro at the same stop as me, although it appeared he had to head in the opposite direction. I kissed him farewell, full on the lips - so he could taste his own pre-cum in my mouth - and ran a last appreciative hand over his cute ass. I was definitely right, I considered, sometimes I do get what I really need - and I will have to ride the Metro more often.

From the rail station, I walked the handful of blocks to Mom's appartment building with a spring in my step. The sun was high and hot - an expression which could have applied to me right now, too. Mom has a spacious loft on the third and top floor of an antique red-brick building in the outskirts. It was originally constructed as some kind of workshop, I think, from the days when people actually made things with their hands, and was now carefully preserved and maintained.

Mom's appartment consisted of a large open living space, with traditional separate bedrooms and two bathrooms. I could have lived with her - indeed, I have done from time to time over the last few decades - but I see more of my own friends when I have an appartment of my own. Her apartment was also equipped with an extensive range of automation, much of it more sophisticated and expensive than anything I could afford.

As I walked in - the automation recognising me immediately - I was confronted by a bronzed and muscular man wearing a blue-and-white striped apron - and nothing else. He was cooking the old-fashioned way, handling the skillet and spatula with practiced ease. My Mother is old-fashioned enough - and rich enough - to maintain a kitchen in her appartment, rather than relying on made-to-order synthetic food from the PA.

"Hi," he said brightly, "You must be Tania. Your Mother's taking a shower. Can I cook you something?"

I was hungry after all my exertions and I gratefully accepted a three-egg omelette - real eggs, they must have cost a fortune - which I wolfed down as soon as the plate was put in front of me. As I ate, I glanced appreciatively at his toned ass and broad shoulders. I was quite sure that the skillful and well-equiped man was looking after my mother's Inner Woman in more ways than one. And, judging by the way he caught my eye and smiled, I would be enjoying more of his skills real soon now.

Mom emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a large white towel, although her hair was already quite dry and exquisitely coiffered by the VAPAware services. She welcomed me with a huge smile, and I hugged her close for a long moment.

Mom and I are close and enjoy each others' company when we can, and she likes to make sure my needs are catered for. And, of course, I like to satisfy her requirements, too.

"Come and sit with me on the couch," she suggested, leading me by the hand. I sank into the low leather sofa, laying back against the soft cushions, while Mom knealt on the floor, tugging up my short skirt while I spread my legs wide. She run an expert tongue over the lips of my vagina, sensing the moistness there

"You've been having a little fun on the way here," she said, grinning up at me wickedly.

I nodded, unable to make any sound other than a gasp of excitement as Mom slipped two fingers inside my cunt.

"He sure tastes good to me," he added before returning her mouth to my clit.

"He did, Mom," I managed to gasp, "He did."

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