At the other end of the Metro car, another woman was entertaining a Satyr. Satyrs are priapric, able to retain a vast hard-on for hours at a time, and indeed likely to become massively erect at the slightest provocation. I had come across this kind many times in the past, always with exciting and repeatedly satisfying results.

It was once explained to me by a Satyr that the reason his kind never wore trousers, or even a kilt, and were equipped long ago by thoughtful designers with a coat of thick curly hair from the waist down, was that the effect of a rapid and unexpected erection would otherwise be immensely painful. He winced visibly when he mentioned this, suggesting that personal experience had taught him an uncomfortable lesson once upon a time.

This particular Satyr I had fucked so hard and for so long that we was unable to continue for nearly twenty minutes - a record in his experience, I was delighted to learn. Mind you, it had taken me nearly two hours to reduce him to that state, fucking him only with the opening between my legs - the one between my breasts and my mouth being far too small to take very much inside me. Satyrs do not have orgasms like Norm men, and have neither semem nor testicles, but can be worked up to a state of continued estacy with a little hard work from both parties.

I got the impression that the shapely blonde on the train had not enjoyed a true Satyr before. She seemed surprised - and highly delighted, too - at both how quickly he became hard and the size of his incredibly large dick. She ran her hands - she needed both of them - over the curve of his member and the dome of his helmet, bending forward to run her tongue around the sensitive crease at the base of his glans. As was my experience, it was much too large to get even the head of his cock into her mouth. Satyrs have no foreskin, but they are - again, from my experience - very sensitive around the helmet, and I could see him already shaking in estacy.

As I watched, the blonde woman suddenly stook upright, firmly holding onto the handrail with one hand to maintain a balance against the jerky ride of the Metro. He knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt, before expertly performing oral sex, as Satyrs almost always do: licking her out with a thick strong tongue, penetrating her opening with its tip frequently and powerfully, as well as moistening every part of her pussy.

Satyrs have particularly thick saliva and his purpose, clearly enough, was to get the woman as wet and open as he could, with plenty of lubrication to help ease his massive manood inside her. The attention made the woman moan almost immediately, throwing back her head and half-closing her eyes as she enjoyed his tongue against her.

After a few minutes of this attention, the curvacious blone clearly felt as ready as she was going to be. Glacing again at the huge dick that reached to her waist, even though the Satyr was still kneeling, she urged him to stand before turning away. She bent at the waist, still with one hand on the rail, hitched her skirt right up and spread her legs wide. Understandably, I thought, the woman had adopted a position where she could accommodate as much of his manhood as possible.

The Satyr needed no further encouragement. I could see his saliva glistening on her lips, her other hand was already touching herself, stimulating her clitoris with a rapid circular movement. He began to rub the head of his dick up and down over her opening, stopping now and again as if poised to enter her.

The blonde turned her head to address her urgent lover. I could not hear the words over the noise of the train, but her lips moved as if to say, "Now, fuck me now."

He pressed forward, her lips opened and an astonishing length of his member slid inside her. She cried out, loud enough to be heard across the car. To my surprise, the Satyr hesistated, and I could see as he withdrew slightly from that first thrust that there was blood flowing down the Satyr's cock.

"Don't stop!" I heard her cry over the rattle of the car, "It's all right. I like it to hurt a little."

I realised that she must be a Madonna, one who was able to restore her hymen, her notional virginity, within hours of a bout of penetrative vaginal sex. I am not sure whether this was a genetic feature - something her mother had specified before her birth - or was a paid-for, optional part of the medical features of the PA, the ones that keep us all young and healthy forever.

Taking her at her word, the Satyr thrust back into her, rapidly working his way to that regular and exciting rythym that I knew his kind could keep up for hours.

"Fuck me, fuck me now," she cried again, louder this time, "Open me up, make me bleed, make me come."

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