I was watching the blonde and the Satyr so closely that I had nearly forgotton about the attractive man sitting nearly opposite me. Some movement caught the corner of my eye and, as I turned my head, I saw him looking at me speculatively, his eyes roaming up and down my body, frankly appreciating my legs and thighs under my short skirt.

I caught his eye and nodded, delighted to have caught his attention at last. To make my point, uncrossed my legs and laed back just a little on the seating, as well as lowering the zipper on my jacket enough to show plenty of cleavage and the top of my second vagina.

He needing no further urging, and moved over to sit next to me.

"Hello," he said in a soft deep voice, "You look to me like a girl who could use a little company."

"Hell, yes," I smirked, "In fact, I could do with a lot of company, a whole helluva lot, in one or two places right now."

He chuckled, then said in the same liquid tones, "So exactly where would you like that company, darlin'?"

In answer, I completely undid the zipper on my jacket and guided his mouth downwards between my breasts.

"Well, right here would be a good place to start."

He got the message quickly enough. He moved to kneel on the floor of the car and licked me vigorously, if not particularly expertly. At first, he reached up with both hands to carress my breasts, holding my firm nipples between finger and thumb, or rolling them against his own cheekbones.

Wanting more, one hand moved to explore between my legs, tentatively at first, as if unsure if he would find a cunt there too, and then more entheusiastically, perhaps delighted to find me already so wet. He probably had not seen me being finger-fucked by the redheaded businesswoman earlier.

I wanted more, too. I urged him to stand, bending forward provocotively as I reach to undo his fly. I could tell immediately I would have to undress him more; he was already so hard, and so big, that it would be impossible to get his dick out without extreme discomfort.

Laughing, he reached for his belt and tugged down his pants and shorts. I knelt, just to get a taste of him right away, the movements of my mouth and tongue over his cock assisted unpredictably by the shake and rattle of the Metro. His dick grew larger under my ministrations, to the point where I could get only a small portion of its length in my mouth, then to my surprise, his cock shrank a little, just enough for him to force almost all of it down my throat.

As far as I could tell, the man was a Norm, although through - I strongly suspected - long practice, he was able to exert some conscious control over the size - both the length and girth - of his cock.

I positioned myself where I could look up at him as he slipped his dick into the wet opening in my chest, now just a little smaller than its maximum girth, I judged, as well as taking in the excitement of the couple fucking and screaming at the end of the car.

Holding my shoulders, he thrust into me again and again, fucking me vigourous, even violently, my tits slapping loudly on his muscular thighs.

"You're good, girl," he said, almost snarling, "But are you as good at the other end?"

Obligingly, I stood up and bent right over, my short skirt riding up to show him my pussy lips.

"Yes," he grunted, his dick bruskly parting the lips of my other vsgina. I am naturally more accommodating between the legs, and he must have sensed this, his dick growing large again to fill much more of that intimate passage.

In this position, we could both see the blonde and the Satyr at the other end of the car. The black man's dick grew larger again as the Madonna worked her way up to a second shattering, screaming orgasm. I came too, just seconds before the man inside me shot his load - something I very much like sometimes - filling one of my most intimate cavities with sweet sticky cum.

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