Kurt finished his masturbation show, and lowered his beautifully firm body onto mine to rub his sperm between our bodies. I pretended to be overcome by passion when he put his big penis between my legs and placed his knob against my pussy lips; and I rolled my eyes and grunted when he fell heavily on top of me and thrust his shaft into my cunt.

While he was pumping away I looked out at the audience and saw the two girls again. They'd moved to a table near the front (ringside tables are always given to attractive women) and the blonde was watching us intently.

Her friend looked as if she'd seen it all before and wasn't really paying attention. Instead, she seemed to be sizing up the men in the room.

Kurt finally went into his orgasm act, and I went with him. He started really pounding into me, while I wrapped my legs around his hips and started meeting his thrusts. I was really enjoying Kurt's cockthrusts; he could be like a machine after his first orgasm of the night.

He started grunting, pretending to come inside me, and I realized he was going to call it quits before I got myself off, so I grabbed him and rolled on top. There was no way I was going to let him leave me feeling frustrated. I started riding him as though he were one of those mechanical bulls you see in fake western night clubs.

I was really enjoying myself, and as I rode Kurt's cock I looked down at the blonde and saw that she was right there with me. She was holding her breath, and it was obvious that she was oblivious to everything else; it was as if I was performing for her alone.

She looked so sexy, gazing up at me with innocent lust in her eyes, that I became excited, and an orgasm began, quite involuntarily, to rise up inside me. In moments I came on Kurt's big dick, and as my body shook in a mindless, orgasmic state I looked into her eyes, and we connected. She was right there with me, and it felt wonderful.

Of course, Kurt, the consummate professional, came right along with me, and our show reached a sexual height most couples can only dream about.

We collapsed in a sweating, sticky heap, breathing like a couple of blacksmith's bellows. At last I stood up, and so did Kurt, and we gave our signature smiles to everyone before prancing off the stage.

"Thanks, Kurt. That was great. You always surprise me with your technique. Just when I think I'll have to pretend, you get me horny."

Kurt smiled complacently, saying in his Bavarian accent: "Gretchen, you're much too horny to need to pretend; that's why I like to perform with you. You're always my first choice. Well, I'm off to the shower. We're on again in two hours." And with that, he walked naked down the hall, his magnificent wanger swaying in front of him.

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