You might think, with all the sex we get, that we'd become blasé about it, but you'd be wrong. Sure, as far as being naked around people is concerned, you get used to that, but fucking in public is always a turn-on.

Suddenly remembering my little blonde, I hurried to my dressing room and took a quick shower. The time between shows was our own, when we might choose to lie back and relax, or go out into the crowd, and maybe do a little private dancing.

Private dancing is where the big money is. A talented girl - or guy, for that matter - can make a lot in one night. I once got a ten-grand fee for about twenty minutes' work. That's unusual, though I keep my eyes peeled for rich Arabs now.

My normal nightly take is around two to three thousand, not counting the money I get from the club. That's taxable; the rest isn't. At any rate, it says something about my state of mind when I tell you I wasn't thinking about private dancing at that moment; only about that little blonde.

After finishing my shower and douche, I looked for something appropriate to wear. I picked out a French T, which is a silk dress, cut like a normal T-shirt for girls.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see through the material every curve and plane of my body, even the little goose bumps around my areolae. It occurred to me that most women would be scared stiff to wear something so revealing in public.

After admiring my body a little while, I bounced out through the door and into the main room to look for my potential new playmates. I wasn't certain they'd still be there, but when I remembered the look in the younger girl's eyes I was hopeful.

Yes, there they were, giggling together about something. For a second I was uncertain what to do; what if my intrusion was unwelcome? However, I really wanted to meet them, especially the blonde who had so intrigued me, so I plucked up courage and strolled over to their table, ignoring the usual offers from customers I passed.

"Hello. My name is Gretchen. May I sit with you for a moment?" Both girls looked up at me. The older one smiled, but the younger, blonde girl seemed startled. I thought I saw her shiver, but it might have been my imagination.

"Why, of course. We loved your show, and we were just talking about you," the older girl said. She sounded American.

Americans seem to stand out in Europe. I guess Europeans do the same over in America. She continued: "I'm Kathy, and this is Kristen. I can't tell you how sexy you looked up there."

"Thank you. Coming from such a good looking member of our gender, I consider that a real compliment. Have you been here before?"

"No. We're in Germany for the international figure skating competition in Nuremberg. We had a few days on our own and, well, I'd heard of this place, and just had to visit while we had the chance."

Kathy was gushing, and mixing up some of her words in her excitement. I turned to the blonde. "And you, what do you think of the nightclub?" I examined her closely, and was as intrigued as the first time I saw her. She looked quite innocent, but I sensed a kindred spirit lurking behind those big blue eyes. I continued to stare at her as the silence stretched out, then she started as if shocked by electricity, and her beautiful young face flushed an inviting pink. "I... I... I'm sorry," she stammered. "I didn't mean to stare at you. It's just that I... don't really know what you said just then. I was so busy looking at you that I wasn't hearing anything. Please forgive me..."

"My beautiful young friend, I could forgive you anything. Please don't be sorry. I, too, enjoyed looking at you." I smiled at her, hoping that things would go as I planned. I hadn't realized before that they were American, or I'd have taken it into consideration. We all know what prudes Americans are. I still felt, however, that I could make a new friend if I tried hard enough.

By now another couple were on stage. They were amateurs, but I had to admit they looked pretty good undressed. "Kristen, you didn't answer me earlier. Have you enjoyed yourself this evening?"

"Oh yes. I didn't think I would, but Kathy talked me into coming, and I can't begin to tell you how sexy I think this place is." She said this with such enthusiasm that I was charmed.

"What did you think of Kurt and me on stage?"

"I've never been so turned-on in my life. I never thought that sex could be so, well, sexy. You almost made me want to join in." Kristen giggled nervously as she said the last sentence.

That was my cue - what a lovely girl to give me such an opening. "Kristen, Kathy, how would you like to perform for the audience?" I truly thought they would make excellent performers. I could tell they'd look good naked on stage - their bodies were really shapely, perhaps because of their ice skating - but would they do it?

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