We went directly to my dressing room, and I buzzed Kurt. I asked him to stop by and see me, saying I had a couple of beautiful women I wanted him to meet.

Kurt, being Kurt, was there in a flash. "Ahh, yes," he breathed. "They are quite exquisite, Gretchen. I would like to perform with them very much. Hello, ladies. Did Gretchen tell you about me?"

Kathy said, in a small voice: "We saw your last performance."

"That is very good. Did you like our act?"

Here Kristen jumped in. "Oh, you were marvelous. I never realized sex was like that."

Kurt looked a little taken aback by this, and shot a questioning glance at me.

"Yes, Kurt, Kristen is a virgin, but she wants to perform."

"We have never done it with a virgin before, Gretchen. Is this wise?" Kurt asked, sounding a little troubled.

"I'll take care of Kristen," I said. "You perform with Kathy. I'm fairly sure she can handle you." I chuckled. "And if Kristen wants to do more, we'll let her, OK?"

"Sounds fine to me, but you ought to get them ready; we're on in 25 minutes. I'll see you ladies a little later. I'm really looking forward to it." Kurt gave Kathy a long smoldering look before padding out of the room, her eyes following him with the look of a child in a candy store.

With Kurt out of the way, I turned to the girls. "OK. Now you have to strip for me."

They stood there, wide-eyed, neither making a move. I walked up to Kristen, and began unbuttoning her blouse, while she just stood there quietly, letting me undress her. I pushed her open blouse back off her shoulders, then unclipped her skirt and let it drop.

I was enjoying myself, guessing how Kristen must be feeling to have another woman undress her. I remembered the first time it happened to me, and hoped Kristen was enjoying it as much as I had. I smiled at her as I came in close, reaching around behind her to unclip her bra, and stepping back with it in my hands.

Yes, I liked her body as much as I'd thought I would. She stood, now, just panty-clad, her arms at her side. It was a good sign when they didn't try to cover their breasts. She had a small, but well-muscled and highly-toned body. I like that in women. So often they're just soft, and that does nothing for me.

But Kristen's was an athlete's body. She stood there, with excitement in her eyes, and looking into mine. I found myself wanting to feel her, but held myself back.

"Kristen, you're beautiful. I really mean it. You're going to make a lot of people dream about you tonight."

I now turned to Kathy and helped her take off her sweater. After I'd pulled it off over her head she unfastened her own skirt, then removed her bra and panties. Yes, I thought, she's got some nerve. I don't know if I could have undressed myself like that the first time.

The girls were now standing buck naked in front of me. Kathy was a few inches taller than Kristen, and larger-boned, and her breasts were a size or two larger than Kristen's. Both girls, however, were quite perfectly proportioned.

"Come along, girls. We have to take a shower, then oil our bodies, and we're running out of time." I threw my French T onto the back of a chair and led them into the shower stall. Oh yes, this was really going to be fun.

I started the water flow and stepped in, beckoning them to follow. Once all three of us were wet, I started to soap Kristen's body. I had my reasons for picking on her first. To my surprise, Kathy joined right in, and while I soaped Kristen's front, Kathy was doing her back.

I roamed my hands all over Kristen's firm body; it was heaven. I thoroughly soaped her up, massaging her breasts until her nipples were standing at attention. She just stood there with eyes closed, letting me do whatever I wanted, luxuriating in the sensation she was getting from being massaged all over. Remembering my mission, I ran my hands down her flat stomach, and knelt down in front of her to wash her thighs. As I did that I trailed my hand over her love triangle. For a while I kept up a pretence of washing her light blonde pubic hair, but then, without any warning, I pushed two fingers deep between her pussy lips.

As I expected, Kristen jumped in surprise, but I had my answer. Our little Krissy might be a virgin, but her hymen was gone, so she'd had something in there. That was good. I was glad to know that.

I apologized for my 'mistake', and Kristen and I now turned our attention to Kathy. Once we'd washed and oiled one another (and I enjoyed that too) it was time to go.

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